Tohoku Motor Show

Tohoku Motor Show

Tohoku Motor Show


The Tohoku Motor Show is one of the world’s top motor shows, taking place every two years.

It introduces new cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles for the total motor vehicle experience.

The Tohoku Motor Show features the latest production vehicles of domestic and international brands, including many concept cars.

Many of the featured vehicles have their world debut here, and that, combined with the show’s demonstrations and hands on events, offers visitors a chance to see and experience some of the latest in vehicle engineering, passenger safety and green technology.


Passenger Vehicles:

Passenger vehicles comprise the bulk of the show with many leading manufacturers exhibiting their latest models. You can get inside, touch and explore many of the cars on display. Several makers, especially domestic ones, showcase concept vehicles, showing off their cutting edge technologies.


Commercial Vehicles:

The commercial vehicles section includes top makers of buses, trucks and vans. You can climb inside many of the vehicles and learn about the newest features and accessories that allow them to do their jobs more easily and safely. You can also see various concept models representing the latest technology in commercial vehicles.



Major motorcycle makers such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki show their latest and greatest models, many of which you can get on. Many makers display their entire model line, and you can also see racing motorcycles and the latest concept models.


Parts, Tools, Tires and Entertainment:

The latest and most advanced parts, tools, tires and vehicle entertainment systems are displayed throughout the convention halls. You can see some of the latest technology that goes into making new vehicles safer and easier to use, as well as advanced audio, visual and navigation systems that makes driving more enjoyable. 

The Tohoku Motor Show also offers hands on experiences that vary from show to show and typically include test drives of passenger vehicles and motorcycles, as well as ride-alongs in alternative fuel passenger and commercial vehicles.


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