Institute National Mini Vehicles Association

Institute National Mini Vehicles Association

Institute National Mini Vehicles Association (INMVS)


Tokyo, Japan
Hitoshi Horii


The National Federation of Light Motor Vehicle Association Federation, as a group that conducts voluntary distribution confirmation system (measures to prevent illegal distribution) to replace the national ownership notarization system in order to protect ownership and proper distribution of minicars and motorcycles, Established

in 1954 under the approval of an incorporated corporation from the Minister of Transport. After that, with the transition to the new system, we received approval from the Prime Minister again on March 21, 2013, and since April 1 of that same year we reintroduced as a nationwide light mini car association nationwide.


Institute National Mini Vehicles Association

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About the Logo Mark:

All light self-co-op has established a logo mark on the occasion of its founding 50th anniversary. Taking the logo mark as the opportunity, we will strive to promote understanding of even more mini cars, increase value sharing within the Federation, recognize widely popular people as symbols linking all light self-cooperatives and society I will strive.

Concept of all light self-stake logo mark:

A logo symbolizing a mini car that contributes to the protection of the global environment, is friendly to the road, and supports people's lives. As the Federation celebrates its 50th anniversary, we have made it a simple, familiar, logo mark that conveys the merit of mini vehicles. The green and yellow curves of the mark represent the natural environment of forests and plants, the white curve represents the road, and the right blue sphere symbolizes the global environment.

The green, yellow and white curves form the initial letter "K" of mini vehicles, which means the minivan friendly to the environment and the road. The color uses the yellow used for the license plate of a mini car in a green system which feels nature and peace and a solid and reliable blue system and expresses the solidness while giving a bright impression. Abbreviated logo type plus the tire on the round type font to give familiarity.


About Business Contents:

We have offices and branch offices (contact points) in 85 locations throughout the country, and we do business. Since the commencement of the minicar inspection in 1972, we have established offices in places adjacent to mini-car inspection sites and have consistently cooperated with the minicar inspection association. This will provide all the services related to minicar inspections to members and general persons who inspect inspections while maintaining and continuing the distribution confirmation system (measures against illegal distribution) that we have been implementing so far It is to do. In addition to confirming the distribution of light vehicles, we also conduct document maintenance confirmation, inspection fee storage office work, comprehensive guiding work under the consignment of the minicar car inspection institute, as well as paper distribution and tax payment cooperation affairs related to minicars. We provide comprehensive services such as. As for light motorcycles, we also check distribution at the nationwide window and cooperate with the business of the transportation department at 60 contact points.

In addition, as our unique projects, we announced sales and notification information on minicars and motorcycles, electronic provision of mini-vehicle inspection information, understanding promotion activities and taxation request activities for promoting the use of minicars and motorcycles, light vehicle inspection. We are conducting distribution improvement activities for leveling notifications, electronic management of motorcycle report information, etc. We are responsible for these important businesses ranging from sales of minicars and motorcycles to recalls. As a core organization on sales of minicars and motorcycles, we will continue to play an important role in every aspect, from sale to use.



Membership of the association consists of regular members and special members. Regular members are 12 associations of prefectural area mini-cars association, which is regional organization of mini-cars and motorcycle sales companies, and twelve brands by brand name that are brands of minicars and motorcycles. In addition, special members are 10 manufacturers of minicars and motorcycles including OEM. 


All-Light Co-op Charter of Action

Minicars and motorcycles are an important means for people's free movement and transportation of goods and are indispensable for modern society, economy, and living. Our company, which is responsible for selling and maintaining it, is a company We properly recognize the various social responsibilities of the company and pledge to do business in accordance with this Charter of Conduct

  1. We will strive to enhance customer satisfaction and trust by providing products, services, and information society requests.
  2. We will comply with laws, conduct fair trade under fair and free competition, and aim for the development of the mini-car industry.
  3. We recognize that companies are members of society's citizens, contribute to society widely through zero traffic accidents, environmental conservation efforts, etc.
  4. All stakeholders engaged in the project will endeavor to realize affluence and satisfaction in a workable and safe work environment while respecting their personality and personality
  5. All stakeholders in business management properly recognize their roles and execute with this charter at the initiative


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