Japan Automobile Dealers Association

Japan Automobile Dealers Association

Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)


Tokyo, Japan
Shinichi Koseki


Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) is a nationwide organization for automobile dealers founded in 1959. JADA’s primary mission is to advocate on behalf of members before Parliament, the government, the media and the public.

By reflecting a wide spectrum of view and wisdom from members, JADA constantly strive to work for the benefit of society, aiming to stabilize the management of members, expand consumer interests, preserve the environment and develop the local society.


Japan Automobile Dealers Association

  • Nihon-Jidoshakaikan15F, 1-1-30 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8530 Japan

  • +81 3-5733-3100


About JADA:

This corporation is referred to as the Japan Automobile Dealers Association Federation (abbreviated as a self-selling association), in the English language, it is referred to as Japan Automobile Dealers Association (abbreviated as JADA). This corporation puts the principal office (hereinafter referred to as "headquarters") in Minato-ku, Tokyo. This corporation can place "branches" on necessary grounds by a resolution of the board. In order to process the affairs of this corporation, offices can be located in headquarters and branches.

Four Branches organize with members within the region of the branch. Five Matters necessary for the organization, composition and operation of the secretariat, except for those stipulated in this constitution, common matters are separately determined through the council's decision, and for individual matters, It decides and reports to the head office. In that case, the headquarters can request the necessary adjustment if the items reported by the branch correspond to common matters. 



To promote a widespread use of automobiles and to improve automobile distribution systems so as to contribute to the development of the national economy.



  • Research concerning automobile dealership operations (including used cars),automobile-related legal and taxation matters.
  • Cooperation with the government in disseminating and implementing governmental policies regarding automobile distribution; including the registration of the car.
  • Other activities such as road safety that are necessary to attain the Association’s objectives.



  • Distribution Policy Committee

  • Traffic Safety and Environment Policy Committee

  • Planning Committee

  • Legislative and Tax Matters Committee

  • Used-Cars Committee


Purpose and Business:

The Purpose:

This corporation aims to contribute to the development of the national economy by improving the formation and distribution of a healthy car society.


The Business:

  • This corporation conducts the following business in order to achieve the object of the preceding article.
  • Management improvement and guidance of automobile sales business.
  • Improvement of services and guidance accompanying sales of automobiles.
  • Cooperation on implementation of administrative measures concerning automobile distribution.
  • Study on legal system and tax system concerning automobile.
  • Formulation and investigation of fair distribution policy of second-hand car.
  • Survey and statistics on car distribution situation.
  • Agency business related to registration of automobiles.
  • Business related to the environment and traffic safety of automobiles.
  • In addition to what is listed in each of the preceding items, business necessary for attaining the purpose of this corporation.

The project set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be conducted throughout Japan.


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