Japan Motorcycle Popular Safety Association

Japan Motorcycle Popular Safety Association

Japan Motorcycle Popular Safety Association (JMPSA)


Tokyo, Japan


The Japan Motorcycle Promotion Safety Association was integrated with the National Association of Motorcycle Safety Diffusion Association, the NMCA Japan Motorcycle Association, the Motorcycle Association of 8 districts nationwide, the prefectural area motorcycle safety promotion association, and re-departed in October Heisei 20 did.

The purpose of this integration is to build a structure that can respond to changes in the market and social needs and to operate more quickly. The new organization will unite and act according to the basic message of the previous page in order to realize certain achievements.

We are working to create a safe, secure, convenient and comfortable motorcycle environment in every scene of the "motorcycle life cycle" that the user spends with motorcycles. We will promote support activities to meet the expectations of users by collaborating with everyone involved in the motorcycle industry.


Japan Motorcycle Popular Safety Association

  • South Shin Ootsuka Building 7F 2-25-15 Minami Otsuka Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005

  • +81-3-6902-8190

  • +81-3-6902-8195


About JMPSA:

With the rapid changes in the economy and society, the circumstances surrounding motorcycles are changing dramatically. Taking the diverse needs of the times, in order to create an environment where two-wheeled vehicles and society can coexist, we will have the following message and act accordingly. 

The Japan Motorcycle Promotion Safety Association will act to improve the environment surrounding motorcycles, aiming at a society where motorcycle users can spend more safe and comfortable bike life.

Specifically, we will continue to implement policies such as the development of urban parking lots and fair trade environment, promotion of safe driving and security systems, and at the same time, the advantages of motorcycles with excellent mobility, energy saving, space saving As well as telling, we will appeal the fun motorcycle charm even if you ride it, and will support long-term users.

We are determined to work consistently with all our dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers to make constant efforts to contribute to the development of motorcycle culture.


General Provisions:

This Association is referred to as the Japan Motorcycle Popular Safety Association. Abbreviation is (one company) Japan Promotion Association. In addition, the English notation is Japan Motorcycle Promotion and Safety Association. The name of the branch office located in each of the seven districts of each prefecture and Hokkaido shall be the Motorcycle Promotion Safety Association with the name of the association or abbreviation and the installation prefecture or the district name.

The association places its principal office in Toshima-ku, Tokyo. The Association may, after a resolution of the Board of Directors, establish an office in accordance with the necessary land.


Purpose and Business:

The Purpose-

The Association conducts activities related to the promotion activities on safe driving and crime prevention for motorcycles and motorized bicycles (hereinafter referred to as "two-wheeled vehicles"), improvement in use / distribution environment, appeal of convenience and pleasure It aims to contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents of motorcycles, prevention of theft and recovery of damage and promotion of proper use of motorcycles, as well as contributing to the sound development of motorcycles and the convenience of motorcycle users.


The Business:

The Association shall conduct the following projects in order to achieve the object of the preceding article.

  • Safe Driving Training Course for Motorcycle Drivers.

  • Crime prevention registration of two-wheeled vehicles and inquiries regarding information such as stolen items.

  • Public relations and awareness raising activities on safe driving of motorcycles and crime prevention.

  • Publication of books on traffic laws and regulations of motorcycles.

  • Operation of sympathy system for traffic accident damage by motorcycle driver.

  • Cooperation on road safety activities, crime prevention activities, etc. of motorcycles carried out by concerned organizations.

  • Projects that contribute to enjoyment and convenience of motorcycle users.

  • Utilization / Distribution Environment Improvement Project for Motorcycles.

  • Business related to social activities utilizing motorcycles.

  • Investigation of laws and regulations of motorcycles, collection of materials, requests for related organizations, opinions, etc..

  • Other necessary business to achieve the purpose of this association.

The projects in each item of the preceding paragraph shall be conducted throughout Japan.


(Type of Member)

Members of the Association shall be the following three members and shall be employees of the ordinary membership and general corporate foundation and general foundation corporation law (hereinafter referred to as "corporate law").

  1. Ordinary members Groups who joined the group in favor of the purpose of this association (in the case of not having a juridical personality, its representative).
  2. Supporting Members Association members who subscribed to support the association's association (in the case of not having corporate status, its representatives) or individuals.
  3. Special Members Associations that have joined because they are in special relationship with the Association (in the case of not having corporate status, their representatives).


Admission Fee and Dues:

Any person who intends to become an ordinary member, a supporting member, or a special member shall make an application pursuant to separate provision and obtain approval at the executive board. Members (excluding special members) shall pay the admission fee and membership fee specified separately at the general meeting in order to devote to the expenses ordinarily incurred in the business activities of this association. 


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