Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee

Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee

Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC)


Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Nobuhide Tachi


The abbreviation for NAPAC is the acronym for Nippon Auto Parts After Part Market Promotion Association (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee). NAPAC is an organization that two organizations of after-parts promotion, ASEA and JAWA, respectively, were consolidated on November 18, 2004.

We aim to promote the participation of industry groups and individual companies that can agree with the purpose, and aim to organize the voices of the goods and parts industry for aftermarket into one and to manage groups that can be reflected in the administration.


Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee

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About NAPAC:

For Secured and Safe Product Distribution and Further Market Promotion
NAPAC stands for Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee. NAPAC was founded on November 18th, 2014 through integration of two corporate entities that respectively promote auto aftermarket parts, i.e. ASEA and JAWA.

NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee) is a corporate federation consisting of two business units, i.e. ASEA (Auto Sports and Special Equipment Association) and JAWA (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Association), which aims at promoting auto aftermarket parts.

NAPAC establishes right product quality standards under which products are manufactured and distributed for secured and safe use both in the Japanese domestic market and those overseas. NAPAC also engages in research of markets outside of Japan and information/opinion exchanges with similar entities in the industry while committing in lobbying to relevant administration bodies.


President Message:

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our heart for giving us great understanding and cooperation for the management of the Japan Promotion Organization. Well, NAPAC registered corporation registration in September this year, and started newly as "Japan Automotive Supplies and Parts Aftermarket Promotion Organization". In retrospect, the establishment of NAPAC was in November 2004. Two organizations of ASEA, JAWA, which are organizations for the promotion of after parts, have been integrated and launched. Later, as you all know, we have worked on various activities to contribute to the sound development of the car customization industry.  

As for NAPAC, 71 members of ASEA division and 97 companies of JAWA business unit are members as of the end of September, 2017, as members of sporting parts and aluminum wheels boasting high quality, and trading companies are members, 12 members As a result, 156 companies have joined in total. Both are top brands representing the Japanese car customization industry, and the role and responsibility NAPAC plays in the industry is becoming more important. In September 2015, as an anniversary to promote auto parts inspection and exchange, August 2 was established as "day of auto parts" and registered at the Japan National Day Association. Through the implementation of present campaigns and holding PR events, we are disseminating the world of car customization to a wide range of users.

In the aftermarket, NAPAC's primary role is to contribute to the safety and safety of users by raising the car customization industry even more than ever. In order to further enhance the status of the car customization industry that has been built up with everyone, and to spread it more than ever, further support and cooperation of everyone of our members is indispensable.


Purpose of NAPAC establishment

We will conduct various research projects to promote Japanese automotive supplies and parts after-market, thus contributing to the safety and development of car society.


Founding Purpose:

NAPAC makes efforts to accelerate new member registration among business associations and both corporates and independent business owners in the industry in order to sort out and consolidate various voices and requests in the auto aftermarket goods and parts industry, which can be reflected rightly in its collective lobbying activities to relevant administration bodies.


Business Objective:

Conduct various businesses including research and survey required to promote the Japanese general auto parts and aftermarket auto parts with an ultimate objective of contributing to safety and further development of the automobile society.



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