Japan MUV/MUP Cars


Muv is short of “Multi utility vehicle,” or Multi purpose utility vehicle .

A type of car generally favoured by families due to a more practical interior than a regular hatchback's, often coming in five- and seven-seat forms.

It is mainly because of the convenience they offer in terms of the carrying capacity of either people or cargo.

These vehicles became popular around the world.


Features of Muv/Mup:

  • Generally a muv/mup vehicle has two or three rows which can serve for 6 to 8 people.

  • These vehicle has a body that resembles a van, but which has rear side.

Doors, rear side windows, and interior fittings to accommodate passengers similar wagon. Moreover, they have a flexible interior space which means that it can be adjusted as per the requirement.

  • The seat are foldable and the upright design style allows the interior space to feel more spacious and roomy.

  • These vehicles use unibody construction and thus are lightweight. Their improved construction and reduced weight result in better handling and fuel economy.

  • Muvs vehicle are either be front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

  • Because of their upright body style, multi purpose have better ground clearance.

  • In general, MUVs are much cheaper than SUVs in more ways than one.

  • MUVs, with their smaller and more fuel-efficient engines, are the more attractive option for families looking for a vehicle that would fit everyone including some gear.


Muvs vs SUV:

  • MUV stands for Multi Utility Vehicle while SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. MUV is more like van while SUV built on a light truck chassis to enhance towing capacity.
  • MUVs are more fuel efficient than SUVs.
  • SUVs are costlier than MUV.
  • SUVs fair better off road than MUV.
  • SUVs have more ground clearance than MUV.
  • MUVs are front wheel drive while SUVs are rear wheel drive or all wheel drive.
  • MUVs target customers that are looking for a spacious vehicle, which can be used for both passengers and luggage, whereas SUVs are preferred by people who are looking for vehicles that can be used in all road conditions like uneven roads and hilly areas.


Top Models of Muvs:




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