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The term concept signifies the hidden innovative idea that may be of new designs, technology, features or any thought of creativity. When it comes to cars then question arises is, what is a concept car?

Car concept is a prototype vehicle made to showcase new styling and technology, often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to innovative designs which may or may not be mass-produced. Generally, it is to determine whether the people will accept and pursue their concepts or not. It’s a known fact concepts cars do not always make it to the production phase, however, this is to give an idea of where the technology and industry is heading or we can say they provide the basic DNA for cars to come.


It may be wonder for you that if the concepts cars are enhanced with latest designs and technology than, why they do not go for mass production?

Concepts car the term itself implies that it is a car designed to demonstrate a concept, they can be used to test the feasibility of new technologies. They allow automotive designers free control to explore out of box ideas that could either rock in automobile industry or get flop and thrown into dustbin of automotive history.

In most cases, concept cars aren't fully functional and may not even be full size. That's why they're often displayed where onlookers can't get close enough to look under the hood or get an idea of how big they are. When concept cars are called on to do more than sit on a display pedestal at an auto show, they may use a drivetrain borrowed from an existing production car.

Many of the features in modern cars, including the hybrid-electric drive train, showed up in concept cars first, sometimes decades before these features made it to market. When automakers are ready to roll out a new production car, they don't make a concept car first. They make a production intent vehicle, which really works and is actually intended for the marketplace. But concept cars rarely get beyond the auto show circuit.


Some Latest Concepts Cars:


Toyota e-Palette:

Toyota turned heads and freaked out "Black Mirror" fans with the autonomous, e-Palette concept vehicle it unveiled at CES.Toyota envisioned the vehicle, which it hopes to start testing in the early 2020s, as an all-purpose tool for businesses.

The company plans on producing three sizes which could be used to deliver goods, transport people, or function as a mobile storefront or office.


Nissan IMx:

The Nissan IMx, an all-electric crossover concept vehicle offering fully autonomous operation and a driving range of more than 600 kilometers, was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

It's designed to strengthen the link between car and driver as a close, reliable partner that delivers a safer, more convenient and more enjoyable drive. Nissan claims the car would have a range of over 370 miles per charge.


Volkswagen ID Vizzion:

Volkswagen challenges the electric vehicle concept landscape by introducing the ID Vizzion. It has the same funky vibe of the ID Crozz SUV, ID Hatchback, and ID Buzz Microbus. This latest concept vehicle from the German automaker has a more lounge-like saloon design.

As a driver, you could interact with the SAE Level 5 autonomous electric car via a selection of interior touchscreens and a virtual host. Aside from that, the ID Vizzion is also designed with laser scanners and cameras that will allow the driver to enjoy their travels without the hassle of actually piloting the vehicle.


Infiniti Q Inspiration:

Nissan showed off the Q Inspiration concept for its Infiniti at the Detroit auto show. While there's no projected release date for the car, Nissan later said almost every Infiniti released after 2021 will be electrified.
According to Infiniti's website, the Q Inspiration will have "the world's first production-ready variable compression engine," which is supposed to debut in the 2018 QX50.

The engine, which was developed over more than 20 years, is designed to be more powerful and efficient than a standard automotive engine.


Byton' all - Electric SUV:

The Chinese startup Byton revealed an all-electric SUV concept at CES.

Though it won’t be identical to the production version that is scheduled for release in 2019, it gives us a pretty good sense of what the final product will look like.

It is said that the features of the car will include face recognition technology, voice and gesture controls, cameras instead of side mirrors and driverless capabilities.


Kia Niro EV:

Kia revealed an electric version of its Niro crossover at CES.

The car would use cameras, object recognition technology, and speakers to alert pedestrians who are close to the car.

Inside the car, drivers can use touch and gesture controls for many of the interior settings.


Lexus LF-1 Limitless:

Lexus introduced its LF-1 Limitless concept at the Detroit Auto Show. Toyota, which owns the Lexus brand, hopes to have the car ready for consumers by 2019, according to the Verge.

The sleek luxury crossover aims to make the driving experience easier through expansive touch controls on the steering wheel and a touchpad on the center console. The concept's overall design is supposed to evoke a Japanese word.

If you are a technology freak, surely you would love checking out the newest car concepts introduced by automaker. Concept vehicles allow fans to get a more exciting look at the car production process.


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