Shikoku Automobile Museum

Shikoku Automobile Museum

Shikoku Automobile Museum


In Shikoku Automobile Museum, in 2001, Kochi Prefecture Nogeicho in Kochi Prefecture Netsu Toyota Co., Ltd. (Former company name Toyota Vista Kochi) was established in the city of Kochi Prefecture because of his desire to preserve the cars with history in the history of cars,) Has been established. The exhibition cars are engraved with European racing cars such as Alfa Romeo and Porsche and rally cars, scars of history that they ran through Safari for each one body and tires and ran through Le Mans. Also, in the Japanese automobile culture, Toyota 2000 GT and Toyopet Crown which are said to be epoch making are lineup and trying to think about Japanese cars living in the same era as the European car displayed
side by side Cow. All cars exhibited are fully restored, and the appearance, as well as the engine room and electric system are handled, and even if simple maintenance is done, it is the highest condition that can start immediately. An event that brings these cars out of the office and actually starts and runs the engine, the "Open Museum" became an annual event of mania enthusiast.


Message from the opening of the Shikoku Automobile Museum:

The Shikoku Automobile Museum was opened in the 21st century center as early as possible in response to the request of Daifuto Town under the aim of regional revitalization in 1990 and closed for use change of the building in 1996. Since the Nishiyama Group has 15 automobile-related companies in Shikoku, we thought that setting up a place to let you know the cultural aspects of the car is also an important responsibility, and since then we have been looking for new places It depends. We are confident that synergistic effects can be expected from each other because the access is convenient and the tourism development is also ambitious as for the Noichicho which we decided to open this time. I hope that Shikoku Automobile Museum will be useful as one of tourism resources in Kochi Prefecture.


To the opening of the Shikoku Automobile Museum:

It is good news for us as well as car lovers that Shikoku Automobile Museum re-opens new clothes. It is also very pleased that the contents of the collection have been further enriched, noting that access from the airport and the motorway has improved. Although Japan is a world-renowned industrialized automobile industry, it can not be said that Japan is richer in terms of its automobile culture than the West and the West. The collection of the Shikoku Automobile Museum is extremely high in quality, and in its rarity it is the best automobile museum in Japan. I expect greatly in Shikoku Automobile Museum also in the sense that it will be for the future development of Japanese automobile culture.



In the lobby shortly after entering the building, 500 stocks are stocked, mainly about imported books on Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. You can see it freely in the hotel. Exhibits and sells imported die cast cars from 1/43 scale to 1/18 scale. We also have a small souvenir such as the postcards, batches and stickers of the hotel as well as a lineup of mini cars deeply related to the exhibition car at Shikoku Automobile Museum. We exhibit and sell various goods of Italian car such as Ferrari, Abarth, Alfa Romeo emblem and sticker. Just like watching the commitment to making this thing like the car, I do not get tired of it.


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