Myths related to buying Used Cars

Myths related to buying Used Cars

Popular Myths related to buying Used Cars


The moment you share the idea of buying a used car with your family or friends, automatically you are going to get so many suggestions and advice related to it, you are really going to get confused between all of them, because most of the advice are myths and misconception about buying used cars and their reality.

Buying a used car does not have to be stressful. Needless stress comes from the many misconceptions and myths surrounding used car sales which can prevent you from getting what you need.

Here are some myths related to used cars which may help you in your decision of buying used car.


  • Used Cars are not reliable:

This is the very first myth about used cars, that are not worthy to purchase. But technology has proved it wrong because nowadays, cars are made to last for a longer time, advancement in technology and features has made vehicles powerful and now they can past the 250,000 km mark.


  • Used Cars do not provide any resale value:

This is a very common myth among people that they do not have any resale value, but if it is properly maintained, vehicle’s overall value can stand the test of time, things such as: Safety, reliability, fuel economy, appearance, space. 

If one have a mindset to sell the vehicle in couple of years, and have properly maintained your vehicle over the course of ownership, you might be able to sell or trade it in for a good chunk of money. Also, consider the fact that if you buy a used vehicle, you’re going to pay less for it in the first place. So in order to "save face" or recoup some of your costs, you're not going to need as big of a return.


  • Private Sellers provide a better deal:

Options often create confusion, same happens with many people while buying used cars. They get stuck in choosing whether to deal with private seller or to deal with dealer. However, it is a common myth that private seller offer reliable deals for buying used cars. It’s a fact that you can get a better deal with a private seller but it may not be sure that you get a good car too. Sometimes they hide the facts and problems related to car they are selling. On the other side, dealers make sure to sell a good cars because they need to maintain their goodwill and offers you certified pre-owned cars.


  • Prefer a car with lower mileage:

This is the myth among buyers that used car with lowest mileage is best to purchase in comparison to used car with larger mileage. But it is not always work because it depends on the maintenance of cars, because it makes a huge difference. You will be surprised to know that if car with lower mileage is not maintained it breaks down easily.


  • Used Car warranties are always scam:

Dealers offer warranties on used cars, if you are not aware about that then you may consider it a scam, but it should be matter of satisfaction that you are buying a certified car. Most warranties offered by used car totally legitimate, so you must get all the details about the warranty, if you think it is worthy and can be beneficial for you, then only purchase it otherwise you can avoid it.


  • Blank Vehicle history report means the car is Fine:

No, it is totally incorrect, a vehicle history report gives you important information, it doesn't include potential future problems or the quality of previous repairs performed. Test driving your car will clue you in on potential issues. Be alert to any electrical problems in newer models.

Buying a used car does not have to be stressful. Needless stress comes from the many misconceptions and myths surrounding used car sales which can prevent you from getting what you need. So, hope this article may help you bruting your myth related to used cars.


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