Motorcar Museum of Japan

Motorcar Museum of Japan

Motorcar Museum of Japan


Total number of exhibitions in Japan for the first time in the automobile museum about 500 units!
We collected vehicles that were active in Japan in the 20th century and exhibited about 500 cars available for use. From the car in the early period to the car after the war, we have set up corners for each manufacturer and genre, especially characterized by exhibiting a lot of old commercial vehicles made in Japan. Many valuable cars that can only be seen at the Japanese Automobile Museum "are exhibited. The hotel is a businessman and a car enthusiast, Maeda Shozo does not regard the trend such as trucks and other utility vehicles to be crushed during the high growth period of Showa, especially focusing on collecting practical vehicles, and in 1978 (Showa 53 ) In Toyama Prefecture in Oyabe City, i opened an individual collection as the first automobile museum in Japan.


1978 Japan's first automobile museum opened! 

Mr. Maeda's family business was the third generation of operations from 1893 (Meiji 26). Brick production and sales, cement ceramics sale, timber industry, civil engineering construction contracting business. After that, work such as handling block manufacturing sale, housing equipment and gas station extends in many directions. Therefore, many automobiles, such as professional commercial vehicles and company employees of employed employees, were needed, and nature and many kinds of commercial vehicles were stored in warehouses. Mr. Maeda decided to collect the car in earnest, around 1968 (1967). At that time many automobiles and trucks were piled up in the company's warehouse. Mr. Maeda who decided to set up a private museum started collecting cars from all over the country with the momentum of anger. With the cooperation of many supporters, we were able to open the first automobile museum in Japan on the site of former block factory in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture on November 2, 1978.



With the spread of automobiles, Japan has achieved recovery after the war.

In the 1950s, the Japanese automobile industry activated investment in production facilities. Due to the outbreak of the Korean War, due to the special demand of GHQ in the United States, the industry from the United States is asked for self-reliance, in order to put the recovery after the war into full swing, to the production companies for weapons, four-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, etc. for war The competition has intensified as the number of entries increased. 

Many Japanese admire the abundant life of foreign countries, paying attention to the car which is a symbol, and enthusiastic about the new model car whose performance has been improved one by one, "The new things are good things", the past model It was an era when it was scrapped and disappeared one after another.


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The Japan Automobile Hall of Fame is a specified nonprofit corporation that honors and honors the accomplishments of people who contributed to the development of the automobile industry, academia, culture, etc. in Japan, contributing to the creation of a rich automobile industry. A famous car whose corporate entity left excellent footprints in the history of Japanese cars was selected and registered as "historical car". It has been passed down for a long time.

The Japan Automobile Museum was chosen as a Japanese car hall of fame in recognition of the achievement of establishing a car museum for the first time in Japan for the purpose of preserving Japanese automobiles by the founder and the late master of Shizuo Maeda in 2004. As a special exhibition "Japan Automobile Hall of Fame History Vehicle Exhibition", it was decided to introduce the history car of Japan Automobile Hall of Fame.


Motorcar Museum of Japan


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