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Hatchback Cars

The defining car body configuration of a hatchback is its boot and rear door. It is a car with a door across the full width at the end that opens upwards to provide easy access to a cargo area for loading. They may be described as three-door i.e. two entry doors and the hatch or five-door which have four entry doors and the hatch cars. They are especially designed and marketed worldwide on cars ranging in size from superminis to small family cars as well as executive cars and sports cars.

Hatchbacks are created to do double, triple and quadruple duty, they can be referred as city workhorses which are ready to chunk as much as humanly possible into the smallest space available.

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Features of Hatchback:

  • Pillars: It have configurations typically feature A, B & C pillars.

  • Cargo volume: Hatchback roof (especially a liftback roof) typically rakes down steeply behind the C-Pillar, prioritizing style over interior volume and resulting in shorter rear overhang and smaller or absent, windows either side of the cargo volume.

  • Cargo floor contour: Hatchback would more likely allow a cargo floor with pronounced contour (e.g. the new Mini or the sixth generation Ford Fiesta).

  • Seating: Hatchbacks have one (e.g. the MGB GT) or two rows of seats.

  • Rear door: Hatchbacks typically feature a top-hinged liftgate for cargo access, with variations from a single liftgate to a complex tailgate that can function either as a full tailgate or as a trunk lid. Typically, a hatchback's hatch or liftgate does not extend down to the bumper.

A liftback is a broad marketing term for a hatchback where the rear cargo door is more horizontal than vertical, with a sharply raked or fastback profile. In comparison with the hatchback the back opening area is more sloped and longer and is lifted up to open, offering more luggage space. Very similar is the "fastback". A fastback is not necessarily a hatchback at all, often featuring a fixed rear window.


What’s so good about Hatchback Cars?

  • Practicality: We can not deny the fact that hatchbacks are the most practical car than their rivals such as sedan. They are dimensionally compact with chopped boots which make them easy to move in busy city traffic, and also they take less space which is one of the reason of its popularity.

  • Good for Beginners: If you are keen to learn driving than beginning with Hatchbacks will help you at its best because of the following reasons: it have relatively short bonnet, you can practically see the ‘end point’ of the bonnet, which decreases the chances of a frontal crash with the car ahead. Also, you can have a fair idea about the rear of car while reversing it for parking.

  • Fuel efficiency: Their lighter weight led better fuel economy as compared to the sedans or its other rivals. we can understand by taking an example of the Honda Fit and its boot-added cousin, the Xcent the former offers marginally better mileage than the latter, reason being the added weight of the boot in the Xcent.

  • Boot space: The openable tailgate of a hatch have enough space for the owner’s belongings. And if space is short you can just fold down the rear seats and enjoy the massive space liberated. Most hatches are offered with foldable rear seat options, eliminating the need of a dedicated trunk. The Honda Jazz is a perfect example of it. It has magic seats in its top end variant which can be folded down completely to make way for huge boot space.

  • Resale value: Yes, you can get a  better resale value from hatchbacks, because most of the people prefer to purchase used hatchback cars than any other model. As it is most reliable car.

  • Perfect city car for families: With low maintenance cost, high fuel economy and spacious ambience, hatchbacks form a perfect recipe for an urban family. Hatchback car is an ideal vehicle for all performing all the households works like dropping kids to school.

  • Less expensive than a sedan: This is true in most cases that hatchbacks are affordable than sedans. In all the developing countries of the world, like India and Brazil, you can see a similar pattern where hatchbacks are sold more than their sedan counterparts.


Top most popular Hatchback Cars are:


Hatchback can be described as a mid -range saloon car, ahead in terms of styling, performance and comfort. A perfect car for your family and its a best decision if you opt for a hatchback car. 



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