Importing Car Privately

Importing Car Privately

How to Import Car Privately?


Are you a Japanese car lover? Yes, quite obvious they deserve to be loved. Japanese cars are driven all over the world, sometimes some particular models are not available in your country and you liked and want to own a car which is among those models not available in New Zealand. Along with owning your desired model, you want to save some money too and you decide to purchase a Japanese used car and import it privately.

All seems good so far but this remains long till your car arrives at your home, you need to weigh up the risks and advantages of importing your car privately from Japan. As like, you have done online buying many times and while delivering you always have a thought that did the product will be same at the time of delivery which I have ordered, because there are always risks with privately importing. When you purchase something without

physically visiting then you have to rely on the honesty and good faith of the seller and the quality description, and images that they provides you. When it comes to purchasing car without seeing in real, there is always a dissatisfaction somewhere and there will be some questions revolving around your mind regarding the worthiness of your deal. And if in this case something went wrong, there is no protection applied under the Consumer Guarantees Act, due to your registered dealership. Therefore, it will be better for that you should get introduced yourself and quench the queries arising in your mind with risks involved in importing a car privately and what kind of preparation you can do against the risks and outweigh the potential advantages.

All of the above, what you have to do is check and up to date yourself with the entry certification standards for New Zealand with the Transport Agency to see whether the car importing is permitted to drive in the road of New Zealand. 


Are you really going to save some money although you are buying a Japanese used car?

The very first decision you have taken of purchasing a Japanese used car is really a money saving thought but your second one to import your Japanese used car privately is it will go with your first thought, aside of these two thoughts if you have chosen a car which is very common and cost around the $ 5000-$7000 mark. It will be not recommended to do so, because these cars are easily available in the New Zealand market and at a more reasonable price. If you still think and confident that you can save a few thousand, although the risks related to the importing your car may not be worth taking.

The reason is after the arrival of your car from Japan it will require lots of repair work for making it reliable for New Zealand roads and of course you have to payout good some amount of money for that. And you would realize at the end that you have spended more money rather than saving or you might have cost same if you had bought the vehicle from New Zealand by paying a little higher price. Importing your Japanese used car privately will be a sensible option in case if you are looking forward to import a which is a rare classic or at the higher end of the market, then it is justified to go down the private import route.


Your Last Decision: 

You should finalize your decision of importing your car through private import route after calculating all the expenses which are going to come in the way of buying and importing a Japanese car to New Zealand. Consider and add each single charges and payments you are going to made including such as the cost of your car, GST, insurance, and entry certification, and repairing cost and compare and analyze is it really a money-saving deal? Moreover, you should be also, be aware that there are many different rules set out by the Transport Agency around compliance, making it quite complex, especially if you've never imported a car before. You can not deny with this fact just for saving few thousand which is might be not fixed you have to go through really some hectic and mentally tiring process, as importing involves some very complicated rounds which ends you up with exhausted and irritated.

Make sure you are importing a car which meets the current standards of the NZ roads, and if you get to know after the arrival of the vehicle that it is not upto the mark to the standards of NZ roads you it is understood what going to happen then. So, if you have any concerns, before any mess up contact a good entry certifier discuss all the details of the vehicle you’re looking to buy, before you actually part with any money to avoid heartache later down the line. 

In case of if one is migrating to New Zealand from the United kingdom, Australia and Singapore or Australia and you own a Japanese car or a classic car want brought it up with him than one can sometimes get exemptions from emission and frontal impact standards that’s as long as they meet the immigrant exemption criteria.

You have to be very careful and calculative while making the decision to privately import if you lacked in considering any of the single thing or document required for the verification of your vehicle it is going to cost you more than your saving. Being money minded is not always worthy, sometimes your comfort also matters so, you have to be ready with all hectic schedule all you of to face. Now you are enough mature to analyse your situation and take a decision for you what is better for you.


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