Coupes Cars

Coupes Car

Originally, the word coupe is a French word-commonly spelt as Coupe. The term was used to describe 19th-century carriages, which had removed their rear-facing seats.

Coupe is the cars with a fixed - roof body style usually with the two doors, however, some four-door cars have been marketed as four-door coupes or quad coupes due to their coupe-like roofline at the rear.

Coupes are usually larger than superminis or city cars but smaller than saloons.

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The beginning of Coupes:

The body style of Coupe is inspired from the Berline horse-drawn carriage. In the 18th century, the coupe version of the Berlin was launched, which was a shortened version with no rear facing seat. Generally, a coupe has a fixed glass window in the front of the passenger compartment. Later, The term "berline coupe" was shortened to "coupe". The coupe was considered to be an ideal vehicle for women to use to go shopping or to make social visits.


Types of Coupe:


A Berlinetta is a lightweight sporty two-door car, typically with two-seats but also including 2+2 cars.

Berlinetta Car


Business Coupe

Business Coupe:

A two-door car with no rear seat or a removable rear seat intended for travelling sales people and other vendors who would be carrying their wares with them. This style of coupe was created in the late 1930s by American manufacturers.


Club Coupe:

A two-door car with a larger rear seat passenger area, compared with the smaller rear seat area in a 2+2 body style.

Club Coupe


Combi Coupe

Combi Coupe:

Combi coupe is a term used by Saab for a car body similar to the liftback.


Quad Coupe:

Quad coupe is a car with one or two small rear doors and no B pillar.

Quad Coupe


Opera Coupe

Opera coupe:

It is a two-door designed car for being driven to the opera with easy access to the rear seats. Features sometimes included a folding front seat next to the driver or a compartment to store top hats. Often they would have solid rear-quarter panels, with small, circular windows, to enable the occupants to see out without being seen.


Four-door Coupe:

A four-door car with a coupé-like roofline at the rear. The low roof design reduces back seat passenger access and headroom. The designation was first applied to a low-roof model of the Rover P5 from 1962 until 1973, but was revived by the 1985 Toyota Carina ED, the 1992 Infiniti J30 and most recently by the first model 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Four-door Coupe


Why to choose Coupe?

  • The coupe’s shorter wheelbase and lighter curb weight naturally boosts the car’s overall performance, acceleration and braking performance.

  • By removing two doors to you can change a car’s exterior styling, and gives it a sportier look.

  • The amount of space available in the backseat area of coupes varies considerably from model to models but gives you interior comfort.

  • They are available as Economy or Luxury Models.

  • Today coupe are available with both six and eight-cylinder engines as well, providing plenty of power in a smaller body style.

  • Generally, coupes provide higher fuel economy than their larger counterparts, with some providing 30 mpg or better.


What’s so great about owning a coupe?

The hatch at the top can be opened, to let the sun and the wind (and possibly rain) come in. It gives you all of the fun for summer time while still having a powerful metal roof. So, it’s unlike a convertible that looks amazing and admiring, but is so impractical, when wintertime comes. In short, it’s fun when you want it to be, but it can be used as a “normal” car just fine when the sun goes away. That’s the most convenient thing about Coupe.


Drawbacks of Coupe:

It’s not as practical as a traditional car:

The coolest feature of this car is that part of the top comes off, to let the breeze run through your hair. But at same time this  feature is also the least practical thing about this car. First of all, you can only drive with the hatch off within a slight timeframe, when the weather allows it. So you might want to think twice about buying a car so that you can poke your head out through the opening in your roof when someone else is driving.

It’s not as spacious as a regular car:

Another thing you may want to take into consideration is the fact that a coupe doesn’t have as much space as a sedan, for example. Of course, if you are interested in a coupe, you are probably not a family person (yet), but before you buy, be aware of the fact that space is limited. That’s because this is a sports car, so it only has two doors. You won’t be taking road trips with friends in this vehicle. And can not use it for household works for sure.


Top models of Coupe Car:


A coupe is the right combination of size and power to meet your driving style and performance need. It may be a great choice for certain people, but not all of them. If you are an individual with no family than it is your cup of tea and it will be beautiful and fun.


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