Leather vs Cloth Car Interior

Leather vs Cloth Car Interior

Which one is the Best Car Interior? Leather vs Cloth


Debate and confusion comes when you have options to choose, this same happens when a person purchase a car, once a person is done with buying a car the most confusing question arises is which to choose for interior, leather or cloth interior which one be the best for your car?

Making a choice is all yours decision, because it depends on your budget, what kind of look you want to give your car’s interior, also on the ability of yours to maintain the interior decor.

On most cars and trucks, cloth comes standard while leather is available as a standalone option or part of an upgrade package. But it will be easy to figure out which one to choose if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each options you have.



Leather Interior:

Leather interior is a status symbol, no doubt it gives an attractive look to car interior and also burden to your pocket as they are highly expensive, depends on quality of leather you are choosing. Cheaper options are also available like faux or vinyl seating. The most common types of leather for car interior are Nappa, perforated leather, and Oxford. When it comes to maintenance leather interior are easy to maintain and clean, seats can be cleaned with a wet rag or leather cleaner so they are relatively easy to keep clean. It is easier to wipe away even the toughest stains off top on leather. It is also worth noting that cars with leather tend effectively retain its resale value.

Now come to some more facts which may resist you not to go for leather. First of all if you are an eco-friendly person than leather interior is not for you as leather seats are made from animals is not very humane or environmentally friendly. Time to time you need to check condition of seats in order to not to crack, harden, or wear out. Another negative point is heating factor. In Summers, your car seats will heat up and make you feel uneasy.  And in the Winter, you will practically freeze until your car gets heated up.



Cloth Interior:

Cloth interior car seats look dull and plain, lacking the attractive appeal of sleek leather. Cloth seats are porous, and they can soak up beverages and dyes. You won’t be able to get rid of them by vacuuming alone. They need a proper maintenance and care, the only thing not so good about cloth interior. But there are so many reasons to choose cloth interior, above of all they are very much cheaper than leather.

Unlike, leather they are very much comfortable in all climate regions especially in summer and winter seasons, cloth material is breathable. Cloth seats are also easier to maintain than their counterpart. With a good steam and vacuuming, these car seats will stay in good condition and yes you can get rid of stain if you use a good quality stain remover. Cloth interior are more softer and comfortable.


Now you have both options with all there plus and minus points,  it is upto you to choose, what matters you most comfort or looks. You can choose according to your budget, taste, lifestyle and how you can make your choice right depends on you.


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