Convertible Cars

Convertible Cars

A convertible as the name  itself suggesting about the vehicle which can be converted. It is a car which features a retractable roof in other words, a roof that can be folded down or removed either partially or fully. The convertibles car allows you an open-air driving experience, with the optional ability to provide a roof when required. The roof may be either be folded via electronic manual mechanism, or alternatively the top roof panel may be removable and stored in a compartment somewhere when the driver wants to experience open-top driving.

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The Different kind of Roof tops which are available:

Hard tops and Soft tops:

Depending on the material involved in making of main cover a roof is called a hard or soft tops. If the roof is made by soft -touch fabric or made up from hard plastic metal materials, the former the car is commonly known as a soft-top convertible, while with the latter they are often described as a hardtop convertible.

Roof Tops


Manual Roof

Hand-operated manual roofs:

Some convertible car roofs sport various clips and handles which passengers must use with their hands to deploy it or put it away. The latest Mazda MX-5 and the Fiat 124 Spider (plus the Abarth 124 Spider) are current examples of convertibles with this type of roof.


Electric Roof:

There are many convertibles that can be put away or expand their roof using electrically powered mechanisms which can be controlled by the driver with a usual switch placed somewhere around the centre console.

Electric Roof


Targa Cars


These convertibles include the use of fixed rear window and a line of metal which is permanently linked between the front and rear windows. Targo cars usually, require the roof to be removed by hand and will comprise of one or two removable pieces. If it requires to have its roof pieces physically removed for topless driving, then the piece(s) will likely be stored in a rear compartment of the vehicle.


Other Design Features:

Tonneau cover: It is is an area of a car or truck open at the top. It can be either a people or cargo space. Folding textile convertible tops often fail to completely hide their internal mechanism or can expose their vulnerable underside to sun exposure and fading. A tonneau cover provides a solution.

Rear window: Rear windows are often part of the roof assembly. Traditionally, the rear window in a soft-top was made from plastic, however more recently some convertibles have used glass for the rear window.

Windblocker: A windblocker or wind deflector minimizes noise and rushing air reaching the occupants, its windblocker reduces wind noise by approximately 11 to 12 dB.



Modern safety features specifically for convertibles include:

  • Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) with pyrotechnically charged roll hoops hidden behind the rear seats that deploy under rollover conditions
  • Heated rear window which improve the visibility
  • Boron steel-reinforced A-pillars
  • Safety cage construction – a horseshoe-like structure around the passenger compartment
  • Door-mounted side-impact airbag which inflates upward (instead of downward like the typical curtain airbag) to provide head protection even with an open window


Reasons to buy Convertibles:

  • Convertibles are capable of eliminating blind spots,just put the down the top of your convertible, and the dangerous blind spot created by the C-pillar (the column that supports the roof at the back of a car) disappears, leaving unobstructed 360-degree visibility.

  • It facilitates you passive multitasking, you can add a second task to you day without any additional effort, a convertible allows you to do that.

  • A convertible responds to your moods, Whether you want to drive with or without dropping top you can adjust it to according  your mood.

  • A convertible has unlimited headroom, if all of sudden you see something amazing home decors of taller heights like Tiki totem pole or anything you can take that home because your convertible is holding a golf bag and it would have been a magnificent spectacle traveling down the highway all the way home.

  • They gives you entry options, with a convertible you can actually use those vaulting skills that your high school gym teacher insisted that you develop, and you'll have a chance of getting behind the wheel without sustaining blunt force trauma.

  • A retracted convertible top eliminates embarrassing phone calls.

  • Convertibles are fun, driving a convertible is the kind of fun that doesn't rely on speed or handling even driving a slow convertible can be engaging.


Drawbacks of Convertibles:

  • There are limited places in number and sizes, at most there are only two or four seats. If you want to travel with you family or group that will be not possible with convertibles.

  • Another not so loving thing about convertibles is that they offers you small space in the trunk.

  • With the passage of time you may find yourself by dealing with problems like bonnet sealing, fabric leaks, dirt on the seats etc.

  • It may happen that you get out of the mall, and what you see it has a series of cracks in its ceiling, or they has stolen inside. If you left it in opened state or in the street.

  • If you are driving with open top than you are going to come in direct contact of pollution and allergies which may you fall ill or some serious allergic problem in health.


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