Best time to buy Used or New Car

Best time to buy Used or New Car

Best Time To Buy Used or New Car


There is always an excitement, each time when you buy something new and if it is turn of buying a car than the excitement reached at next level. Yes, it is possible that your plan is not to purchase a brand new car, instead of that you may prefer to buy a pre-owned car, but whatever the car is new or pre-used the happiness remains the same.

But at one point you have to keep your excitation aside because you have to take some serious decision regarding your car purchase such as brand, model and what kind of technical features and interior or exterior looks and colour you want for your car. And most important the budget, which cars suits best in your car. 

Budget is the most concerned factor during doing any deal, and every buyer want to save some money while purchasing. You might be relating to this thought of saving money,

and at the same time you are wondering or making some weird facial expression how’s this possible in purchasing car because you can’t bargain in case of cars. But this is possible if you buy your car with certain time plannings, there are times in your country, when you can do savings in your car purchase. And you can use that money in purchasing some fancy accessories for new car or use them in renovating your purchased used car. Here, in this article going to make you aware to those best times when you people buy your used or new car in your country.


Firstly let’s know when is the best saving time for purchasing a New Car:


  • Weekends/Month End:

Every car dealer wants a good closing at the end of weeks or month because they have some determined sales target for every week and month so, what they do is they brings lots of deal and discount offers and much more especially at the quarter end months such as March, July, September and December. You are likely to receive huge discounts and can get benefits in terms of saving money so, you can choose to buy your new car at the end of these months.


  • End of the Year:

December the last month of the year, which brings the new enthusiasm for the coming new year, and it also has year’s highest discount and the highest incentives. The reason is quite obvious the automakers and dealerships want to close the year with strong sales and to sale out the previous model year or cars that are taking up space, December is perfect month for your car purchase and you can have huge marginal discounts and can enjoy "perfect storm" of savings.


  • Bide your Time:

You might have heard the proverb "The fruit of patience is always sweet". This advice is best for car lovers, because what they do after the announcement of their awaited favorite brands with latest models make them so excited and they pre-order on the car. But they must be patient at the launch because that time they have to pay the true cost of the car, without any discounts or additional offers. it is believed that the few new models of a car come with teething problems which get resolved after few months of launch. So it is good to be patient at that time and purchase it within one year of the announcement and on a sale.


  • Buy in the last two days of the month:

The best time of the month to buy in is the last day or two, as the dealership have pressure to achieve the target and will do everything they can to complete a sale.


  • Buy a car on a Friday:

Visit the showroom on a Friday. Dealerships are always quietest during the week- this means the sales person will be more attentive and more likely to offer discounts in order to meet weekly targets.


  • Buy a previous-plate car when the new number plates are released:

The previous-plate cars will be discounted with the arrival of the new ones, or there may be an excess of new stock, or a run-out model, look to buy after the release of new plates that allows leverage for a good deal.


  • Buy an old model when the new one launches:

Buying the previous generation car at the launch of the new one is a good idea. The new facelifted models become the more desirable purchase and the older version will drop in price and many dealers offers good deals and discounts in order to make space for new cars.


  • Buy a convertible in winter:

Convertibles are more in demand in summers and most expensive during this season, so shop around in the winter when demand is low and dealers offers discounts and enjoy your driving convertible in winter too.


  • Shop during festive season holiday weekends:

Automakers often offer special discounts or cash-back deals for holiday weekends. While you might not be interested in spending your holiday test-driving and buying a new car, but doing so could help you save a huge amount and give you the peace of mind that you got a great deal.


Now, time for knowing perfect timings for buying used cars:


  • Buy during Seasonal Sales:

Seasonal trends in sales of new cars have a knock-on effect on the cost of used cars. Never purchase while you are getting any drop down in the sale of a brand new car. Maybe you invest in a used car but you lost out a new car in the same or close budget.


  • Buy in Peak Months:

It is advised to avoid buying used convertibles in the spring or summer- wait until winter when demand is much lower. March and September are the peak months for sales of new cars, often through part-exchange deals. So dealers will have lots of used cars to sell, which puts you in a strong position when negotiating. Dealers are also often keen to clear out used cars in July and early August in readiness for new models.


  • Demand Peaks:

December and January are quiet months for the used car trade. Cars aren’t on people’s minds around Christmas and the New Year so dealers and private sellers are keen to make a deal. Buy four-wheel-drive vehicles in the summer – demand peaks in the late autumn and winter because of the poorer weather.


  • Holiday Trends:

Winters and the festive holiday season is the perfect time to buy a used car. Heavy sales in the early winters and late fall are good periods to go for the purchase of a used car. November, December, January, February are considered to the best periods to go with the promotions you are receiving for deals on a used car.

Buying a new car or used car is all your decision, it may have different purpose behind the purchasing of a car but buying car at certain timings mentioned above may make your experience more delightful as who don’t want to save their money. Have some patience and enjoy with your savings.


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