Car Renovation

Car Renovation

Renovation of Your Car


Physical appearance is the very first thing, which play a vital role in creating an impression of once personality. This factor is to be considered as major role in attributes of impression as physical appearance does matter in all sort of fields. Likewise, it also matter the car you are carry, as if you have impressive looks but the car you are using having dull or not so attracting looks, it may affect your image too. But now not to worry, here are some tips to renovate and give a brand new look to your used car.

Renovating your car is not a rocket science, you may do it with applying some basics tips and can create a kind of look you wanted for your car, or like which reflects your personality. You may use and do experiments with your innovative ideas.

Your car is subjected to a ton of wear and tear. Constant years of depending on it to get you where you need to be along with exposure to harsh and changing weather conditions

will leave your car looking worse for wear. While complete renovations may seem costly and time-consuming, there are cheap ways to go about renovating your car piece by piece, saving you money while making sure your car looks and drives as good as new.


You can customize it in several different ways. Popular customizations include:

  • Audio and video enhancements

  • Custom paint and appearance modifications

  • Performance Mods

  • Suspension modifications

  • Window tinting

The possibilities for vehicle modifications are limited only by your imagination and budget.


Clean and fix your car:

Every time you use car, make it sure to empty it of trash, a deep cleaning is great hardcore scrubbing of everything you can reach. Shampoo the carpet and upholstery, excavate all the trash moldering in the trunk, remove the spare and get into every nook and cranny of the tire well, and remove the seat cushions and pick out all the petrified potato chips. If you have the technical aptitude, take out the front seats and vacuum under there. Clean all the grime from the engine bay and get under the car too. As for the exterior, putting it through a good car wash every couple of weeks will help you feel better about it. 


Fix the Cockpit:

Focus on the area you're actually going to touch, start at the steering wheel and the dashboard.If the wheel is pitted or deteriorated, also check dashboard illumination.

If the knobs and switches are actually busted or worn-out, though, they can often be cheaply replaced with either new parts or recycled pieces found at a junkyard. If the dashboard pad is faded, consider repainting or dyeing it.



Enhance and improve your electronics devices, equipped with DVD or Bluetooth players installed for rear seat entertainment, high-end stereo systems, and high-grade speakers including amplifiers and subwoofers. Even if your car is only a couple of year old, trading an old radio head unit for one that integrates with an iPod, iPhone or satellite radio, and includes a Bluetooth connection for a cellphone.


Once you are done with equipping your car with latest audio and video features, Give a detail work to your car interior.

This includes the following features:

  • Choose a custom color scheme for your car interior.

  • Refinish your upholstery, have your headliner covered, your seats wrapped, and your door panels recovered with an upgraded, bold fabric or leather for a refined upholstery look.

  • Paint interior parts a color that accents your interior materials.

  • Install custom lighting in your car.

  • Install custom gadgets on the dashboard.

  • Purchase a custom steering wheel cover.

  • You can add a variety of accessories to the interior of your car.


Renovate your Car Exterior:


Select a body kit for your car:

Body kits make the car appear lower and modify the shape of the car so it stands out in a crowd.

You can select mild modifications or outlandish, bizarre mods to make your car individual.

Body kits can be just ground effects or front and rear bumper cover replacements, or they can involve replacement fenders and other panels to completely change your car’s appearance.


Install a spoiler:

Nearly every car, whether it’s a hatchback or a sedan that is being customized, has a spoiler installed.

Choose a spoiler that suits your personal taste:

You can choose from a small lip spoiler on your trunk lid up to a tall, bold spoiler.

Because customizing your ride isn’t usually about performance, select a spoiler you find enhances your car’s appearance.


Install accents to your exterior:

Popular bolt-on accessories include an alloy fuel door, replacement headlights and taillights with euro-style lights, and underglow lighting.

  • Get a custom license plate or license plate frame.
  • Get a custom exhaust. Changing the exhaust is a popular modification that can alter the sound of the engine.
  • The modification ranges from changing the whole muffler with a cat-back or axle-back bolt-on kit, or just merely changing the tips.


Change your vehicle’s wheels or tires:

Replacing your wheels and tires are a statement that can not only enhance your vehicle’s look but change how your vehicle operates, Select your wheel size. You can use the same rim size for your new wheels or you can increase the wheel size and decrease the tire profile.


Change your ride height:

A popular modification for both sports cars and trucks is to change your ride height. The process is similar to performance changes with the shocks and struts being replaced (along with spring replacement), but the end result is quite different.

Cars are typically lowered to enhance traction, stiffen steering and suspension travel, and improve appearance. Another trend that has become popular in recent years is for cars to be lifted with oversized wheels installed in a process known as “donking.”

Trucks can be lifted or lowered, though most commonly they are lifted. A beefed-up suspension is installed along with adjustable shocks and stiffer springs to increase off-road suspension travel and increase durability.


Get a custom paint job:

Your car’s paint will create the first impression for bystanders who see your car. Amazed them with an outstanding combination of a base color, an optional accent color, and amazing graphics. This Select a color for your car’s exterior base color, Typically, it will be the same as your accent color in your car’s interior.

Design your interior and exterior to compliment each other for the best flow Pick an accent color. If you want a two-tone paint job or accent pieces painted a different color than your base color, choose an accent color. You can paint your trim an accent color or do a complete two-tone paint job. Have a professional paint job done. A quality paint job will astound your car’s admirers while a poorly done paint job will bring down your car’s overall appearance. Have custom graphics installed on your car. Once the paint job is complete, have custom graphics designed and installed on your car’s fresh paint job. Visit local window tint and graphics installers to get ideas for a unique design.


Tint your windows:

Window tint gives a sleek, sophisticated look to a vehicle and is an inexpensive modification that can be performed within a day. Your windows may come with some level of tint from the factory, but you may want to darken the windows further. Complete an inspection. Have an overall inspection performed on your car to determine if there are problems that need to be addressed, especially with regard to safety.

Install minor enhancements: Commonly installed are blow-off valves for turbocharged engines, cold air intake systems, bolt-on exhausts, and short-throw shifters. You can renovate your car in a number of ways and audio/video, paint, wheels, performance, suspension, and window tinting are the ones that will make the biggest impact. How your car handles and how it looks are best ways to tailor your car to suit your needs and if you drive a lot and care about your car some (or all) of these methods will appeal to you. 


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