Vietnam Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Vietnam Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Vietnam


Year Restrictions
Max. 5 Years Old
Destination Port
Ho Chi Minh City
Time of Shipment
Container (10-17 Days)
Vessel Schedule
Container (Weekly)
Shipping Line


1. Find a reliable supplier:

Recently, The Internet can make you to find the many number of used car exporters in Japan. The point when you select the company, Please look at their history, reliability, durability that is popular and has higher rankings on the website. There is some of company who shows unbelievably cheap prices or not real photos of the cars, please make sure to check their reliability and condition of the cars with terms and sales condition.
To avoid Internet fraud, Please contact them closely over the phone to know who they are, or ask about this selected company at your local Japanese embassy. The best way is to find reliable used vehicle exporter is to know any their customer who bought the cars from that company.


2. Choose the right car:

There is the import regulation for all cars being imported into Vietnam. An imported car must have the left-handed steering wheel and be manufactured within 5 years up to the time of importation.
Charges on importing cars will be reduced to between 47%-70% depending on vehicle engine sizes from 90% now.


3. Payment:

Once you have decided to purchase the vehicle, you can receive the Invoice from the supplier. The most of the company prefer the customer to arrange the payment by Bank remittance.
Once you get the invoice, you can print it out and bring it to your local major bank to transfer money to their bank account. Make sure to have the receipt of your payment at your bank as it is proof of your money transfer and you can submit it to your supplier for their quicker confirmation.


4. Shipment delivery:

Once your payment is acknowledged by the supplier, the shipment procedure can be started. It is depending on the condition of payment between you and your supplier.
The delivery of the car to Vietnam shall be carried out before the eligible subject performing exit procedures in the country where he/she is residing.


5. Port clearance and custom clearing:

Before the car arrives, you have to find the local port clearing agent who is specialized port clearing company to handle your car from port and custom clearing. You can follow their instruction and arrange the port clearing fee and custom duty with all necessary documents. There are many numbers of local Clearing & forwarding agent who can handle your vehicle up to boarder of Vietnam at reasonable costs.


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