Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction Osaka

Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction Osaka

Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction Osaka, Japan


Nissan PlazaSol, Osaka mainly focus on the auto auction of leased vehicles of Nissan Financial Service Co., Ltd. Due to easy availability of transportation, the auction houses enjoy a huge crowd traffic on site.

Buyers can also get access to online auction exhibition if they choose not visit physically. Working to make each step of auction easy and buyers friendly, they organise auction at their venue every other Tuesday.



Nissan PlazaSol Osaka Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
Nissan PlazaSol Osaka Every other Tuesday 1-2 Yukari Town, Izumiotsu Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 595 - 8555 2,000



How to access Nissan PlazaSol Osaka:

  • Telephone:

  • FAX:

  • Access by Car:
Wangan Line of the Hanshin Expressway

  • Access by Train:
10 minutes by taxi from Izumiotsu Station

  • Vehicle Storage:

  • Auction Day:


Other Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction Halls:




Courtesy: Nissan PlazaSol Osaka Auto Auction

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