USS Auto Auction Kagoshima

USS Auto Auction Kagoshima

USS Auto Auction Kagoshima, Japan


USS Kagoshima auction location site opened on January 19, 2009 this auction location was established as base for vehicle processing for the purpose of strengthening operations in Kagoshima and other areas of southern Kyushu.

The Kagoshima prefecture, is the place which enjoys a large number of vehicles owned. Due to this a wide range of vehicles are submitted for resale after submission of Japanese Used Car by the people, USS Kagoshima performs the required procedures at the site for auto auction of the used vehicles such as, vehicle acceptance, inspections, pictures and other steps involved before auction.

USS Kagoshima offer a service in which its vehicle inspectors perform preliminary inspections on behalf of members. Bidders can place their bids from anywhere in Japan on vehicles stored at the Kagoshima site by using the Globe Network service where they can participate by using a special satellite TV terminal and the Internet Live service by internet. This auction also handle the shipment of vehicles to their buyers after the auction, this will contribute in the growth of auction location.



USS Kagoshima Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
USS Kagoshima - 4-4 Nanei, Kagoshima, Kagoshima 500



How to access USS Kagoshima:

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Courtesy: USS Kagoshima Auto Auction

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