USS Auto Auction Nagoya

USS Auto Auction Nagoya

USS Auto Auction Nagoya, Japan


Used car system solution is one of the largest and best auction house in Japan. As, it has avail different auto auction halls throughout the nation for the convenience of their customers.

Among all of its auction halls, the very first and the most largest one is USS Nagoya which was established in August 1980, located at Japan’s third-largest incorporated city and the fourth most populous urban area. 

Having history of more than 38 years, continuing to provide used cars and all solutions related to purchasing of used car. Although it is very popular but still continues to improve their ability to manage auction systems because they

want to provide their member corporations with an even more convenient and useful marketplace. In addition, facilitates all upgraded technology such satellite medium, online system internet live option along with Global networks to connect with their auction site. As well as, organise onsite auction at their venue on Friday.



USS Nagoya Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
USS Nagoya Friday 507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai, Aichi 7,100



How to access USS Nagoya:

  • Telephone:

  • FAX:

  • Seat for Buyers:

  • Starting Time:
09:30 JST

  • Vehicle Storage:

  • Auction Format:
Parallel 10-lanes system


Other USS Auto Auction Halls:





Courtesy: USS Nagoya Auto Auction

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