Singapore Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Singapore Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Automobile Import Duty / Regulation in Singapore


Year Restrictions
Max. 3 Years Old
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
RoRo (09-14 Days)
Vessel Schedule
RoRo (Fortnightly)
Shipping Line
Samudera Shipping Line Pte Ltd.
No Inspection Required


Shipping Port

The common port in Singapore for importation of used vehicles from Japan is Singapore.


Age Restrictions

Vehicles more than 3 years old are not allowed to be import in the country.


Right Hand Drive Cars

Importation of right-hand drive vehicles is permitted in the country.

Importing your car from overseas is not recommended, as there are import duties and fees to pay upon bringing your vehicle over. But if you have to, the following will be some useful guidelines and information.


Import a Vehicle

  1. You can only import cars that are less than three years of age.
  2. The age of the used vehicle is calculated from the date of its first registration in a foreign country. If the first registration date of the vehicle cannot be ascertained, then the age of the vehicle is calculated from the date of manufacture.
  3. There is a surcharge of S$10,000 for each imported used car registered in Singapore.
  4. The used vehicle has to comply with the Euro II emission standard. As such, the used vehicle will have to be tested by LTA/ENV recognized overseas vehicle emission test laboratories to ensure compliance with the required standard at the time of import.
  5. All safety glass fitted must have not less than 70% light transmittance and must not contain any metallic oxide coating.
  6. All modifications made to the car must be properly certified, and be done only by the manufacturer or an agent authorized by the manufacturer.
  7. The car must use unleaded petrol.
  8. The cars air-conditioner must be CFC-free.
  9. Your car to be a right hand drive type.
  10. Your car to be fitted with approved seat belts both front and rear.
  11. Your car not to have any asbestos in its brake or clutch lining.
  12. The car must pass a mechanical inspection by the LTA.


Things to prepare

  • A copy of the EEC Certificate of Conformity is required from your vehicles manufacturer if your vehicle is made in one of the European countries.

  • The Completion Inspection Certificate from your vehicles manufacturer if your vehicle is made in Japan.

  • If it is neither made in the European countries or in Japan, your vehicle can be sent for testing checks at any recognized vehicle testing laboratory to obtain a Certificate of Compliance with Exhaust Emission Standards and the Test Report and a Safety Glass Certificate.

  • If your vehicle is new, you can provide documentary proof that your car is new or never been registered for use. For example, receipts, and invoices. If your car is a used one, the vehicle registration documentary proof would be necessary, and has to be certified by your local authorities.

  • If your vehicle were a foreign model never been imported to Singapore, you would need to provide technical specifications, brochures or booklets issued by your vehicles manufacturer.

  • A Declaration Form for asbestos free brake and clutch lining.

  • Organize with your shipping agent for an Inward Cargo Clearance Permit from a by having them to submit a joint application to the Trade Development Board (TDB) and the Customs and Excise Department (CED) using Tradenet.

  • Obtain an Open Market Value (OMV) of your vehicle from the Customs and Excise Department so they can levy the 41percent customs duty based on the value.


Documents Required

  • Pro forma invoice

  • Export certificate

  • Bills related to other incidental charges (if applicable)

  • Documents related to exhaust emission test, windscreen test etc.

  • Car Manufacturing date confirmation letter from the manufacturer

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate


Registering your Vehicle

  1. Send in items numbers (1) to (6) above to the New Registration Department of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for verification. They will arrange a time and date to send your car for an inspection.
  2. If there is no inspection, obtain a Temporary Certificate Of Entitlement from the Land Transport Authority and insurance for your vehicle.
  3. Make a trip to the Singapore Network Services Service Centre (SNS) located at Bugis Junction to collect your Vehicle Registration Application Form upon submitting the vehicles particulars into a service centre.
  4. You would need to return to the New Registration Section of the Land Transport Authority and submit the following documents

  • Car Registration Application form

  • (Temporary) Certificate Of Entitlement

  • Original Passport, or, a Certified True Copy of the Company Registration Certificate if the vehicle is registered under the companys name

  • The notification of PARF benefits / COE Rebate

  • An original copy of the insurance letter or Certificate of Insurance from the Insurance Company

  • Successful bidding for vehicle registration number (if any)
    You would be required to make a payment to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for S$1,000 if you are registering a private car, or S$5,000, if you are registering a company car. On top of that, there will be an Additional Registration Fee (ARF) of 110percent of the vehicles Open Market Value (OMV).

  • You will then have to collect the following documents from the New Registration Section:

  • Your Certificate of Entitlement (COE)
  • Your Registration Card / Log Card
  • Your Road Tax disc (Please take note of its expiry date)
  • Your Insurance letter or Certificate of Insurance


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