JU Auto Auction Tokyo

JU Auto Auction Tokyo

JU Auto Auction (JAA) Tokyo, Japan


JU Tokyo is one of the auction venue of largest auction house of Japan, it offers various branded used cars to national and international dealers. Due to the diverse dealer market, majority dealers participate in regular bidding which has increased the closing ratio significantly and their excellent services playing a vital role in their popularity.

Vehicles are checked and inspected by experts and prepare genuine and accurate auction inspection sheet for each vehicle.People can participate also participate through online in the auction, while sitting at their homes or offices.The onsite auction is organised on every Friday.



JU Tokyo Auto Auction Location:

Remaining details are below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
JU Tokyo Monday Chuanliu-cho, Oguro-shi, Saitama Prefecture 800


Other JU Auto Auction Halls:





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