JU Auto Auction Niigata

JU Auto Auction Niigata

JU Auto Auction (JAA) Niigata, Japan


JU Niigata was opened on March, it is one of the known auction hall venue of JU Niigata. They are promoting the advancement of the organization of companies that mainly sell used cars and the promotion of fair distribution of used cars in order to promote the sound development of second-hand car sales industry.

In addition, JU Niigata aim to contribute to the promotion of public welfare by contributing to the sound development of the national economy by protecting consumer interests, securing environmental safety.In order to that they you used cars at their best condition as they maintain a proper environment to preserve the vehicles from damages caused by rust and erosion. You can participate in the auction on their physical site.



JU Niigata Auto Auction Location:

Address details mentioned below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
JU Niigata Friday Negishi Minami-ku Niigata Prefecture 950-1234 900


Other JU Auto Auction Halls:





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