JU Auto Auction Nagano

JU Auto Auction Nagano

JU Auto Auction (JAA) Nagano, Japan


It is a major auction venue of the JU auction house, it was established on september 13, 1973. They are dealing with used cars, and services related to it. In order to optimize the price of secondhand cars and to improve distribution, JU Nagano have created criteria for auto auctions and are operating at participating commerce and industry associations. It offers all the digital technology ways to access the auction which are,user friendly.

The onsite auction is organised on every Tuesday.



JU Nagano Auto Auction Location:

Remaining details are mentioned below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
JU Nagano Tuesday Hiroaki Yoshida Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture 3990701 500


Other JU Auto Auction Halls:





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