JU Auto Auction Kanagawa

JU Auto Auction Kanagawa

JU Auto Auction (JAA) Kanagawa, Japan


This auction hall of JU Auction house was set up in May 1976, JU Kanagawa is one of the popular auction venue among the 23 halls of its parent auction house JU. Through their clients dedicated services they have increased the annual listing/closing rate year by year from KAA's renewal opening in June 1994.

JU Kanagawa is the only middle auction venue in the prefecture, they are promoting collaborative work with the fair Trade Commission and also introducing the introducing a real bidding system "JU Navi" that allows you to further evolve the in-venue search system and participate in Seri through the Internet.



JU Kanagawa Auto Auction Location:

The onsite auction details are mentioned below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
JU Kanagawa Thursday 1042 Narita, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 250 0862 500


Other JU Auto Auction Halls:





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