Logico Universal Auction Kobe

Logico Universal Auction Kobe

Logico Universal Market (LUM) Kobe, Japan


Lum Kobe is second biggest auction venue, among all the auction venues of Logico universal market auction house, which situated at city Kobe which is one of the largest city of Japan.Lum Kobe as like its parent Auction house deal in Mitsubishi expired leased cars, which are mostly one-time owner car, and available for resale in the auction.

They also make sure that a customer get a fully maintained and reasonable price car. The auction is held at every Thursday.



Logico Kobe Universal Market Location:

The auction details are mentioned below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
LUM Kobe Thursday Hyogo Prefecture 658-0031 Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City 1,200


Other Logico Universal Market Auto Auction Halls:



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