Orix Auto Auction Fukuoka

Orix Auto Auction Fukuoka

Orix Auto Auction (OAA) Fukuoka, Japan 


It is one of the auction venue, of orix auto auction Japan. They deals with lease used cars for their local buyers. They sells cars that have been returned upon expiration of the leasing contract or at the end of their useful lives in rental operations, along with customers’ used cars, to corporate and individual buyers at its own auction grounds.

Among these, used cars that meet ORIX’s own proprietary quality standards are sold as "ORIX Certified Used Cars." they make sure that their buyers get good cars at reasonable price.The auction take place every Tuesday.



Orix Fukuoka Auto Auction Location:

Check the details below :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ORIX Fukuoka Tuesday 1134 Aoyagi Koga-shi, Fukuoka prefecture 811-3134 1 500


Other Orix Auto Auction Halls:




Courtesy: Orix Auto Auction Fukuoka

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