Isuzu Auto Auction Makuhari

Isuzu Auto Auction Makuhari

Isuzu Auto Auction (IAA) Makuhari, Japan


Isuzu motor auction one of auction house which deals heavy vehicles such as Trucks, in Japan. Isuzu offers 3 venues for the auction and one of them is Isuzu Makuhari. Dealers worldwide can participate in the most convenient and fair bidding of trucks offered by Isuzu Motor Auction House.

They are connecting customers 'want to sell' and 'want to buy'. In August 2003 the Makuhari venue was introduced by the POS system imaging and expanding yard, it has fully renovated auction system and also provides Isuzu motor auction "ima-net" to buyers for their online convenience.



Isuzu Makuhari Auto Auction Location:

Below the details are mentioned :

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
Isuzu Makuhari Wednesday Chiba Prefecture 800


Other Isuzu Auto Auction Halls:




Courtesy: Isuzu Makuhari Auto Auction


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