Mongolia Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Mongolia Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Mongolia


Year Restrictions
No Age Limit
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
Container (13-20 Days)
Vessel Schedule
Container (Weekly)
Shipping Line
Not Required


Shipping ports :

The most common shipping ports in Mongolia are Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar) and Port of Tianjin.


Age Restriction :

There is no limit on age of vehicles imported to Mongolia.


Right Hand Drive vehicle:

Mongolia being a Left-hand drive country, allows importation of Right-hand drive vehicle with a valid import license.



No specific inspection on a used vehicle imported in Mongolia is required. However, cars imported from Japan are checked for radiation.


Documents required for port clearance

  • Original Bill of Lading that must show vehicle chassis & engine numbers, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand and model.
  • Contract for import
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Drivers License & Insurance Certificate
  • Transportation Invoice
  • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Payment Receipt
  • License for import
  • Status on quality control of goods
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of OriginReceipts of payment for related duties and taxes


Taxes and Duties on used vehicles:

  • VAT- 13%
  • Import duty- 5%


Customs Declaration Fees

  • US$5 for basic declaration.
  • US$8 for basic intensive and simplified customs declaration.
  • US$5 for every additional declaration.
  • Payments for the charged services are to be made in MNT at the US Dollar rate of the day.


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