Orix Auto Auction Sendai

Orix Auto Auction Sendai

Orix Auto Auction (OAA) Sendai, Japan 


Orix auto auction house is one of the flexible auction house on Japan. Orix Sendai is one of the auction venue of theirs located at city Sendai of Japan. The exhibit vehicle ranges from mini-vehicles to large trailers and forklifts of various company brands. The centre of their auction is company managed lease up vehicle or a rent a car up vehicle, and they are highly reliable and well maintained in terms of condition and physical looks.

And also one of the good thing most of the vehicle are first auction vehicle. Orix Sendai conduct their auction on every Tuesday make buyers to participate in the auction.


Orix Sendai Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ORIX Sendai Tuesday Miyagi ken Miyagi-ku Sendai-shi Sendai Kohoku 2-8 500


Features of Orix Sendai:

  • ORIX Sendai always trying to make great efforts in the favour of their buyers and members so that they contribute their best to the customers.
  • Their tendency to provide high-quality services and establish strong relationships of trust with customers' and fulfill the diverse demand.
  • Improving group capabilities by combining wisdom and information and through human interaction, making them unique among all.
  • Orix deals mainly in lease-up vehicles, leasing vehicles offers advantages to both buyers and sellers.


What can be the benefits of leased vehicle:

  • If you are a buyer, you have to make less payments because usually lease payments are lower on a car loan.

  • If you have any sales tax due you can pay it monthly rather than paying on the entire purchase price as in the case of loan.

  • Utmost, there is assurity of good condition of a vehicle due to they are required to turn in their vehicle in very good condition, otherwise people have to pay costly fines, they prefer to maintained them well instead of paying fines.


Why to choose Orix Sendai for purchasing your car?

  • First of all you are getting vehicles at their best condition after using couples of years.

  • ORIX offers a "One Price Used Car Lease," that allows customers a choice of fixed pricing plans for each product and category.

  • Orix Sendai only sales those used cars that meet Orix’s own proprietary quality standards and labeled as “ORIX certified used cars”.

Orix sendai is one of the relevant auction venue of Orix Auto auction house, it has all that features which a customer oriented auction hall should. Provides you convenience, variety and quality at the same time.


Other Orix Auto Auction Halls:




Courtesy: Orix Auto Auction Sendai

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