ARAI Auto Auction Fukuoka

ARAI Auto Auction Fukuoka

ARAI Auto Auction (AAA) Fukuoka, Japan 


Arai Fukuoka is one of the famous auction hall and from last 20 years they are hosting lively motorcycle auctions on the premise at the venue, Fukuoka.

They keep tackling the mission of renewing of the motorcycle industry in collaboration with Autobike Cooperative Society members from each neighboring prefecture at the commemorative auction hosting held on a monthly basis.

These years, the number of transactions of KCAA members who are entitled to participating in our auctions as mutual members is on the increase, which has led to a stable close rate and rising average unit prices.


ARAI Fukuoka Auto Auction Location:

This auto auction venue strives for specializing in motorcycles and next-generation business related to vehicles.

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ARAI Fukuoka Tuesday 132-16, Aoyagi, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture 500


How to access Arai Fukuoka:

  • Telephone:

  • FAX:

  • Seat for Buyers:

  • Starting Time:
11:00 JST

  • Vehicle Storage:

  • Auction Format:
Imaging auction system for 2 lane


They provides IT various networks for participating in the auction:

  • AI-NET (Bidding Service, Real Service, AA Stock Service)

  • KC-NET

  • M-LIVE

If you are a bike lover and want to have latest feature bike or sports bike but don’t have enough budget not to worry you can have your desired used motorcycle within your estimated range dealing with Arai Fukuoka who provides every possible model and brands of Motorbikes to their customer. The offers a safe, secure and transparent deal along with quality product fully inspected. Go and purchase your favourite motorbikes.


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Courtesy: ARAI Fukuoka Auction

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