Hyogo Auto Auction Osaka

Hyogo Auto Auction Osaka

Hyogo Auto Auction (HAA) Osaka, Japan 


HAA Osaka is one of the popular auction venue located at city Osaka which is a large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu. HAA Osaka as compared to other auction halls in Japan, is not very large, but is a center of attraction for local and international car dealers, who can easily visit the site via trains, buses or other mediums. One can also participate in online bidding if physical visit is not possible. They conduct their auction on every Thursday.


HAA Osaka Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
HAA Osaka Thursday Osaka Prefecture 2,000


Why to purchase your from HAA Osaka?

  • Their aim is to make the buying and export process as easy as possible and to give the best possible description of the vehicles.

  • Owning a car involves complicated procedures with car dealer, maintenance workshop, tax office, insurance company, and others. But you need to take no stress regarding any of the formalities while purchasing vehicles from Haa Osaka.

  • Moreover, it gives various worthy reason to purchase your vehicle from them.

  • Get your used vehicle from HAA Osaka in Japan and avoid all middlemen charges in between saving up to 15 precent cost.

  • Before bidding on any type of vehicle on your behalf, their inspectors physically inspects the car and prepares a report.

  • The vehicles are listed regularly for auction from HAA Osaka which means you will be buying a fresh car.


HAA Osaka is a safe and secure place to purchase your used car. They will make your deal worthy and reasonable through their services.


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Courtesy: Hyogo Auto Auction Osaka

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