Hyogo Auto Auction Kobe

Hyogo Auto Auction Kobe

Hyogo Auto Auction (HAA) Kobe, Japan 


Haa Kobe is the auction hall located at the centre of Kobe city. It is one of the auction venue from Hyogo auto auction, and it is a convenient auction venue where one can choose three land, sea and sky access. They provides best quality vehicles at unbeatable prices. It is considered as one of the popular auction hall due its location.

It is a center of attraction for local and international car dealers, HAA Kobe holds a used car auction every Saturday and people from secondhand car traders holding secondhand car dealership gifts gather from all over the country, and booming sericulture is spreading.


HAA Kobe Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
HAA Kobe Saturday 21-1 Onohama cho, Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0082 10,000


Features of HAA Kobe:

  • HAA Kobe have state-of-the -art facilities such as "laying up seri simultaneous 8 lanes" by the latest computer auction system and the largest inspection lane in Japan 'i -gate'.
  • Through their internet system, members can join Seri while staying at the shop.
  • Members can participate in the auction freely according to their business style and it is possible to use time effectively.
  • HAA Kobe has achieved rank 2 aming 150 venues nationwide.


Why to prefer HAA Kobe?

  • HAA Kobe has one of the best auction grading system along with easy to read auction sheet. You can easily find all the details of vehicle by simply looking at the HAA Kobe Auction Sheet. Through its Auction Sheet, you can find out the condition, history and market value of the car before the auction commences.

  • Provides you huge range of variety vehicles and updated list to choose from.

  • Their price is unbeatable and unmatchable, you can have cars from every budget range.


HAA kobe is one of the greatest place to purchase your car, here you will find solution of all your requirement.


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Courtesy: Hyogo Auto Auction Kobe

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