Chubu Auto Auction Chubu

Chubu Auto Auction Chubu

Chubu Auto Auction (CAA) Chubu, Japan 


It is one of the recommendable auction venue of CAA auto auction house, located at city Chubu Japan. It has realized high quality to all kinds and will be the standard for future auto auction sites.

It has become centre of attraction for local and international car buyers as one can easily come smoothly using various transportation facilities. CAA Chubu deals high quality vehicles from almost all top brands provides huge vehicles range.


CAA Chubu Auction Location: 

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
CAA Chubu Wednesday Aichi Prefecture Toyota-shi Ryujin-cho Tomei 32 4,700


How to access Chubu Auto Auction Chubu:

  • Telephone:

  • FAX:

  • Access by Car:
Prefectural Road No. 76 Okazaki direction 3 km

  • Access by Train:
30 minutes by taxi from Mikawa Anjo Station

  • Vehicle Storage:

  • Auction Day:


Features of CAA Chubu: 

  • CAA Chubu is leading the leadership of the industry and achieved trust in market fairness and transaction comfort.
  • The Chubu venue, has secured 1,150 seats in Japan's largest class, has installed multipurpose terminals equipped with functions such as "preliminary search", "business negotiation application" and "absence application" in all seats.
  • As well as installing super large monitors everywhere Easy to understand and "ease of use" to build a state-of-the-art auction system
  • Based on the expertise and trust cultivated over many years of operation of the venue.
  • They are offering a celery environment that both exhibitors and purchasing stores can satisfy.


Why to buy your car from CAA Chubu?

  • Exhibiting more than 4700 vehicles, every week which means you have a range of various options to choose from.

  • One can easily come to the venues and participates in live auction is a comfortable option for buyers.

  • It has one of the best auction grading system along with easy to read auction sheet.

  • Offers you vehicle at reasonable price.


CAA Chubu have leader quality, raised their standard bar by their fruitful effort and fully dedicated to their customers. You can choose your personal favorite car from the variety they offer. So, seal the deal.


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Courtesy: CAA Chubu Auction

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