Toyota Auto Auction Kinki

Toyota Auto Auction Kinki

Toyota Auto Auction (TAA) Kinki, Japan 


TAA- Toyota Auto Auction house, is one of the major Auction house in Japan. Having 10 auction halls venues located in various cities of the Japan. One of the popular auction hall among them is TAA Kinki. In may 1986, TAA Kinki site moves to Neyagawa,Osaka prefecture, Japan. If we talk about city Kinki, it is a region that constitutes one of the major demographic and economic cores of Japan and has been the heartland of Japanese culture.

This is one of the reason behind the popularity of TAA Kinki. It facilitates buyers to purchase second-hand vehicles through their auction conducted on every tuesday and exhibits more than 2500 vehicles. The is very are of top brands and of high quality at unbeatable price.


TAA Kinki Auction Hall Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
TAA Kinki Tuesday 3-1-22 Ninonasimoto-cho, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka Prefecture 572-0076 2500


Features of Kinki:

  • TAA Kinki is a very famous well-reputed and preferred choice of buyers who wish to buy a high quality used Toyota Cars.

  • It is a very strict auction house in terms of implementation of rules and policies to ensure a safe and transparent buying and selling experience.

  • Buyers place their bids without the fear of losing their money.

  • TAA Kinki is very popular and easily approachable by dealers and bidders, increasing the number of dealers and bidders by a huge extent.

  • They makes sure the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and ensured that it is free from all sorts of external hazards, accidental damage etc.


TAA Kinki offers you your desired Toyota vehicle at reasonable price. Buyers can easily access to the location as it is one of the major city of Japan.


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