ZERO Auto Auction

ZERO Auto Auction

ZERO Auto Auction, Japan


It was established in year 1961, with its headquarter at Kawasaki. This company was originally established as Nissan Transportation Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Since then, it made progress in step with the development of Japan's car market. Now, Zero is one of the major auction houses located in Japan.

Having seven venues where, members and dealers worldwide can bid actively on the auction day. It is best known for providing high standard cars at best rates. Due to a huge dealer base, the auction house has experienced an extreme increase in the sales and enjoys a high closing ratio. Bidding at this auction house takes place either on Thursday or on Friday.


ZERO Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ZERO Chubu Thursday Chubu Prefecture 600
ZERO Osaka Thursday Kansai Prefecture 1,100
ZERO Shonan Thursday Hokkaido Prefecture 700
ZERO Hakata Friday Fukuoka Prefecture 800
ZERO Hokkaido Friday Hokkaido Prefecture 600
ZERO Chiba Friday Kanto Prefecture 500
ZERO Sendai Friday Tohoku Prefecture 500


Why to choose Zero Auto Auction House?

  • Zero handles every process involved in a car auction receiving, cleaning and preparing vehicles for the auction, affixing auction tags, moving and arranging vehicles, and data input.

  • Their expert inspectors check the vehicles, and offer advice regarding the vehicle inspection process.

  • They operates car auctions, called "Car Selection" at 7 venues nationwide.

  • Car selections are specially designed for trade-in vehicles and expired-lease vehicles, and auction bidders can rely on quality products.

  • Zero also undertakes transport of these cars.

  • They also provide information service which provides a complete list of vehicles in auctions and auction results over the Internet (website exclusive of members).

  • This service is only for Japanese domestic market.

Zero delivers used cars to auction sites anywhere in Japan, and also transports vehicles traded at auctions to clients and vehicles purchased via the Internet and trade-in and expired lease vehicles. Their nationwide network and highest transport quality totally supports clients in the used vehicle market. Zero is a complete solution for buying a used car. They take care of every bid of their clients and provides services for every steps involved in used vehicle market. They are real hero in the market of used cars.




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Courtesy: ZERO Auto Auction

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