ZIP Auto Auction

ZIP Auto Auction

ZIP Auto Auction, Japan


Zip auto auction house was established as a FAIA foreign automobile auction in year 1976 as a founding parent of a foreign car import cooperative and was established as a separate organization of the union in 1996. It is not one of the big auction house but it has achieved popularity among the world’s top auto dealers who actively take part in bidding on regular basis.

It has 2 popular venues, where members and dealers bid on a wide range of high-grade vehicles at attractive rates. ZIP auctions specialize in imported foreign brand cars, which account for approximately 95% of all exhibits.


ZIP Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ZIP Osaka Thursday Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 400
ZIP Tokyo Thursday Tokyo Prefecture 500

Since from their establishment year, they are consistently pursuing as an auction company specializing in imported cars, as a result they are able to be recognized themselves locally as well as internationally as a unique imported car special auction company. They are working ahead to expand their sales base, strengthen infrastructure such as venue facilities and network systems, deepen cultural know-how etc.


Why to deal with Zip Auto Auction House ?

  • Fairness in the business is their basic philosophy, and they are standing by providing fair deal to the consumers.

  • They are actively responding to technological innovation of EV conversion and automatic operation is expected to rapidly progress by responding to environmental problems and pursuing safety.

  • Pursuing the provision of convenience in line with the times for their customers.

  • Responding flexibly and promptly to changes in the times as well as to take care customer convenience as priority issues.

  • They are committed to the steady aim and aim for the most convenient auction site.


Zip auto auction house is like a power pack, mainly focused on imported cars. They are moving ahead steadily in row of progress and making and responding actively to changes in auction industry and trying to become a popular house in the industry. Their efforts are really appreciative and one can easily deal with this progressive auction house.




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Courtesy: ZIP Auto Auction

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