USS-Recycle Auto Auction

USS-Recycle Auto Auction

USS-Recycle Auto Auction, Japan


USS-R Auto Auction house is the Japan’s first auction house which operates auction exclusively for vehicles to be recycled. It is not one of the bigger auction house in the Japan but although it has huge sales annually. The reason of their good sales ratio is that the buyers can get the high-quality good grade of vehicles at reasonable price.

USS-R operates at two auction venues, located in the popular cities of Japan which are hub for used car sales i.e. Nagoya and Tokyo where bidders can participate in auction every Monday and Thursday. Below are the details for each auction hall:


USS-Recycle Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
USS-R Nagoya Monday Chubu Prefecture 800
USS-R Tokyo Thursday Kanto Prefecture 1,000


Recycling efforts by the USS-Recycle Auto Auction Hall:

Years ago, they decided to contribute to resolve the environmental problems by concentrating on reusable vehicle auctions and arouse the distribution market of older, high mileage vehicles. In recent years, recycling of vehicles which are come to end-of-life has attracted public attention, and it is increasing as people are concern about the environmental issues and considering of more effective use of resources. This is creating an easy system for the sale of older and high-mileage vehicles.


Why to choose USS-Recycle Auto Auction House?

  • They match very efficiently the need of seller and buyer by listing the vehicles regularly.

  • They are constantly introducing state-of-the-art facilities to their Auction sites locations which hold "fair and speedy" auctions and expectation of their buyers needs.

  • It provides members with thorough data on the vehicles themselves, which helps you to choose the right one and best vehicle.

  • USS-R auto auction offers you unbeatable price and quality vehicles at the same time.

  • They provides all sorts of latest digital technology means to participate in auction-like satellite medium and Internet- live process.


USS Recycle Auto Auction House is morally one of the best auction house as they are not only serving to the people of Japan, but also they are contributing to environment by making efforts to resolve the issues caused due to vehicles. Auction of recycle vehicles is one such great initiative step.




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