ORIX Auto Auction

ORIX Auto Auction

ORIX Auto Auction, Japan


Orix is a word which is a combination of words original and infinity, representing flexibility and diversity. Orix was established in april 1964 with its headquarter located at Tokyo Japan. They mainly deal in a huge variety of lease up and rental vehicles, starting from motor-bikes to heavy vehicles, like trailers.

It has gained huge popularity in Japan and across the globe by providing original products and excellent services. Since its inception and till now, They enjoy great advantage of the biggest strength of automobile leasing and has been successful in capturing huge amount of car auction market in Japan. Below are the details for each auction hall:


ORIX Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ORIX Sendai Tuesday Miyagi ken Miyagi-ku Sendai-shi Sendai Kohoku 2-8 500
ORIX Kobe Tuesday Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Central District Hong Kong Island 1-11-1 600
ORIX Fukuoka Tuesday 1134 Aoyagi Koga-shi, Fukuoka prefecture 811-3134 1 500
ORIX Atsugi Wednesday Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi City on the knowledge of 3003 400

Orix auction house always looks forward for market needs and works to contribute to society by developing services on a global scale and make great efforts to offer innovative products and create new value for their customers and to deepen trust by constantly providing superior services. They have build up their group by exchanging knowledge, ideas and experience.


Why to choose Orix?

  • It has successfully established the "EC21" which should be called the "Charter of Corporate Behavior" in order to become "Excellent Company in the 21st Century.

  • Orix is slightly different from the other houses because it provides customers to make use of used cars more readily and with greater confidence and satisfaction.

  • They offers a "One Price Used Car Lease," that allows customers a choice of fixed pricing plans for each product and category which reduce the confusion of customer and helps to make a right decision.

  • It sells cars that have been returned upon expiration of the leasing contract or at the end of their useful lives in rental operations, along with customers’ used cars, to corporate and individual buyers at its own auction grounds at four locations and at nine ORIX U-car stores throughout Japan. Among these, used cars that meet ORIX’s own proprietary quality standards are sold as "ORIX Certified Used Cars."



Management Policy of ORIX:

  • ORIX  make great effort according to the demand of the market constantly and contributing to society aiming at the creation of new value and the environment through advanced and international services business.

  • It aims to constantly provide high-quality services and establish strong relationships of trust with customers'  and fulfill the diverse demand.

  • Through team up management, they are concentrating all management resources, aims to strengthen the management foundation and achieve sustainable growth.

  • To improve group capabilities by combining wisdom and information and through human interaction.


Orix Auction House has come with a innovative idea of resale of used car vehicles,having excellent services with creative ideas. Experience the difference and purchase your car from orix.They establish a unique business model called "ORIX" that will continue to change without completion, and will continue to innovate with the slogan "No other answers, gives you reason to choose to them only.




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Courtesy: ORIX Auto Auction

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