Light Auto Auction

Light Auto Auction

Light Auto Auction, Japan


Light Auto Auction house was established in year 1985 with its headquarter at Okayama City. They offers a variety of good grade cars to local and international buyers at extremely competitive rates. Traders can participate in the auctions held at their 3 different auction houses located at prime locations of Japan.


Light Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
LAA Shikoku Wednesday Shikoku Prefecture 1,900
LAA Kansai Thursday Kansai Prefecture 3,500
LAA Okayama Friday Chugoku Prefecture 1,300

Light auto auction house aims to promote the distribution of used cars by promoting auction, promoting the distribution of used cars between sellers and buyers, and trying to spread their business. They are trying to undergo internationalization and hoping to make it fast by providing customers oriented services. LAA is focusing on international transformation trends such as Internet sales and dealer restructuring integration in Europe and the united states, they are making future plans of car distribution with the view of industry structure and market characteristics unique to Japan.


Reasons to buy your used cars from LAA:

  • They always aim to organize auto auction that can provide car members with more opportunities for car business, to uplift new used car distribution, and to contribute to the development of the automobile industry.

  • LAA has been promoting and adopting the strict and secure corporate activities which gives customers a full satisfaction and peace of mind to the customers after dealing with them.

  • They are working heartily by establishing roots and development ability that can respond to any needs and requirements and contribute to customers and as well as to the automobile industry.

  • In addition, providing sound financial strength and high-risk management ability.

Light auto auction house is a very active, vigorous and one of most established auction house among all houses in Japan. Their management policy is wise and transparent so without any second thought, you can seal your deal with LAA.




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Courtesy: Light Auto Auction

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