Suzuki Auto Auction

Suzuki Auto Auction

Suzuki Auto Auction, Japan


Suzuki Auto auction house is one of the famous auction house among the auction houses in Japan. SAA deals in high-grade quality vehicles at most affordable price to buyers in Japan and other international markets. SAA Auction is known to be very strict and exhibits Suzuki vehicles. On every Thursday auction is held at Hamamatsu auction hall.


About Suzuki Auto Auction:

SAA deals in Suzuki vehicles and we all are well aware about the quality of the product from Suzuki. Suzuki is a Japanese car company. Vehicles of this brand have been known to be reasonably fuel efficient and are renowned for their low maintenance costs. Suzuki manufactures automobiles, four wheeled vehicles drive, vehicles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles. Suzuki have vehicles for each socioeconomic class , car models like Hatchback, SUV, Sedan, Crossover, Minivan and Japan with fast-growing market of resale cars. SAA provides you the opportunity to purchase used car, whether it is a  small, mid-size, utility or luxury car.


Why to deal with Suzuki Auto Auction house?

  • SAA resales used and new car models from suzuki and offers wide and diverse model range of used suzuki vehicles.

  • They understand the requirements of people and offer unbeatable value price.

  • They provide you used cars at their best condition as they maintain a proper environment to preserve the vehicles from damages caused by rust and erosion.

  • SAA Auction is known to be very strict and exhibits Suzuki vehicles assures you against any fraud and scam.

  • SAA has established itself a brand that’s quite trustworthy which builds a connect with the common people.

  • By tapping the right audience, value for money proposition understanding the requirements of people making cars available for most of the families at affordable price and fulfill their wishes about the car.  It is one of the factor behind popularity of SAA.



Suzuki Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
SAA Hamamatsu Thursday 943-1 Tsutomu-cho Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi Shizuoka 700


Why people prefer to purchase used cars of Suzuki?

  • The very first reason is they have vehicles for every socio economic class and they are easily available for resale.

  • Suzuki vehicles have economical diesel engines that offer excellent mileage compared to its rivals.

  • The ruggedness, reliability and strong structures make car of suzuki easy to drive and handle for users.

  • They have diverse range models.

  • Suzuki have a wide service network, spare parts so if in case you get some issue with your vehicle it can be detected and repaired easily.



Suzuki Auto auction house have managed to stay in demand and the credit has to be given to their services and strategy. They have built an emotional connection with buyers who dream to own cars but have specified budget. If you are dealing with SAA you are selecting  a brand on its merit. 


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Courtesy: Suzuki Auto Auction

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