Nissan Plazasol Auto Auction

Nissan Plazasol Auto Auction

Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction, Japan


In year 1963, it was established as used car section in Nissan car lease co,ltd  headquarter is located at Chiba, Japan. Nps hosts internet auctioning of mainly leased-off /loaned off and rented up car from the parent, Nissan Financial Services and as rented-off Nissan car in seven places located at Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Tomakomai, Gifu, Tochigi and Fukuoka.

Due to easy availability of transportation, the auction houses enjoy a huge crowd traffic on site. Buyers can also get access to, exhibition if they choose not visit physically. Nissan Plaza Sol is known for strict inspection and a vehicle with an auction grade of 4 can said to be a good car.


Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction Location:

Mostly deals in Auction of good quality Nissan vehicles. Below are the details for each auction hall:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
Nissan PlazaSol Tomakomai Once a month Tuesday Shinmei-machi Tomakomai City 053 - 0055 Hokkaido 3-2-5 Co., Ltd.  1,200
Nissan PlazaSol Sendai Twice a month Tuesday Miyagi-Ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ku, Ogimachi 7-1-4 Sowing Sendai Branch 1,350
Nissan PlazaSol Tokyo Every other Tuesday Minami Wasaman 399, Yotsukaido-shi, Chiba Prefecture 284-0034 1,100
Nissan PlazaSol Tochigi Twice a month Tuesday 1347-1 Awakamiya Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture 329-0201 900
Nissan PlazaSol Gifu Once a month Tuesday 915-7 Nishi Nishi-Cho, Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu prefecture 504-0923 1,400
Nissan PlazaSol Osaka Every other Tuesday 1-2 Yukari Town, Izumiotsu Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 595 - 8555 2,000
Nissan PlazaSol Fukuoka Once a month Tuesday Inuzaka 853-1 Inuzaka, Hisayama-Cho, Fukuoka Prefecture 2,050

With huge selection of cars such as good quality car from auto loan with residual, car with maintenance subsequent to lease/rental termination, all cars are our private and thus you can bid at ease. Because it is internet bidding system, members can bid after confirming the car condition/images from computer of your home or office. No admission fee/annual member fee is charged.


Why to choose Nissan Plaza Sol?

Nissan Plaza Sol is one of the famous Auction House in Japan.

  • NP house exhibits 10,000 cars every week in more than seven auction halls.

  • One of the noticeable thing about NP deals in cars which are leased or loaned off, so the customer have to return vehicle at well-maintained condition, and it results you get a car as like new one.

  • Distribution of seven auction halls in major cities of the country making buyers to purchase used car easy.

  • They are update themself with every new launched technique used for auctioning, making bidding less hectic.

  • Providing high standard Japanese used cars since decades. Name Nissan is enough to tell the whole history of quality and well-maintained vehicles.


NPs team thoroughly inspects engine, transmission, lamps, indicators, suspensions, bushes, power windows, central locking, drive shafts, steering rack, wipers and give accurate information before delivering the vehicle and ensure to handover a quality product. 


As NPs auction house deals in vehicles from Japan, let’s know what makes Nissan vehicles in demand? 

Nissan vehicles are driven around the world. The demands made on their vehicles differ greatly depending on the country and environment in which they are operated. If we talk about Japan, it is mostly covered with rugged and mountainous area, certain vehicles are manufactured and old in Japan according to its terrain. There is a huge demand of vehicles from Nissan in Japan car resale market. 


Nissan Plaza Sol is most trusted and certified name in market of Japan auto auctions houses. They are dealing in best and latest Nissan vehicles available in all budget range provides a complete solution to own your desired vehicle. 


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Courtesy: Nissan PlazaSol Auto Auction

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