KYUSHU Chuo Auto Auction

KYUSHU Chuo Auto Auction

KYUSHU Chuo Auto Auction, Japan


Kyushu chuo auto auction house was started in 1989, offers high standard cars to dealers in Japan and other countries of the world. It has developed an effective and convenient buying mechanism for the international customers through online auction system connecting to offer the wide variety of cars to be bought as per customer requirement without any complications.

They are currently offering three venues to dealers interested in regular auction exhibitions of top quality cars. Moreover, they provide all relevant information of the cars to buyers at the time of auction. KCAA is one of the reliable auction houses in Japan. Below are the details for each auction hall.


KYUSHU Chuo Auto Auction Location:

KCAA is one of the famous pivots of car auctions their auto auction system is the most reliable and consistent system. It exhibits more than 4,000 cars per week at 3 auction halls situated at major locations of Japan. 

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
KCAA South Kyushu Wednesday Kyushu Prefecture 1,500
KCAA Fukuoka Thursday Kyushu Prefecture 1,900
KCAA Yamaguchi Friday Chugoku Prefecture 600


Why to choose KCAA for purchasing your car?

Kyushu chuo auto auction house deals with top brands like Honda, Ford, Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota assures you about the quality of vehicle.


  • You can get your car from Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction in Japan and save the extra charges.

  • The vehicles are listed regularly for auction from Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction which means you will be buying a fresh car, they provide you well maintained car.

  • Vehicle with latest trending features and latest technology in all budget groups are available for bidding.

  • No, hidden and lie policy you can freely make your desired vehicle choice without worrying about any fraud or scam.


KCAA Auction Sheet: 

  • KCAA provides every minute details in their auction sheets.KCAA Auction sheets are the first point of inspection when selecting your used car for purchase.

  • The Auction reports are produced by professional inspectors employed by the auction house, independent of us, your export agent, and the seller of the vehicle in question.

  • They can give us the fairly good idea of the condition, history and market value of the specific vehicle before the auction commences with basic information.


KCAA providing their services from more than 25 years have a valuable place in the market. Making constant efforts to maintain their standard and dignity by providing excellent services in the world of resale vehicles.


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Courtesy: KYUSHU CHUO Auto Auction

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