Isuzu Motor Auction

Isuzu Motor Auction

Isuzu Motor Auction, Japan


Isuzu Motor Auction was established in the year 1999, Established with the aim of promoting the market distribution of Isuzu used second-hand passenger cars and small trucks, with head office and sales base in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture and two small base auction sites in Kobe Start with Since then, expanded the auction site in Makuhari, Kyushu.

The president is Mr.Yuhiko Haneda. Isuzu Motor auction house has three venues Makuhari, Kobe, and Kyushu at present in Japan and mainly deals with the auction of heavy vehicles such as trucks. Dealers worldwide can participate in the most convenient and fair bidding of trucks offered by Isuzu Motor Auction House. 


Isuzu Motor Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
Isuzu Makuhari Wednesday Chiba Prefecture 800
Isuzu Kyushu Thursday Kyushu Prefecture 1,100
Isuzu Kobe Friday Kansai Prefecture 2,100


Business concept of Isuzu:

Business concept of Isuzu is to promote the all angle of all tracks reuses pillars in one of business.

  • Purchase sale meeting:

    3 national places Makhuri, Kyushu and Kobe is situated where buyers can visit physically for participating in the live auction.

  • Ima-net:

    Using 'ima net live' buyers can participate in real time auction while sitting their home and offices.

  • U-con:

    It is a member based second hand car trading intermediation system stock by using this one can carry out intermediary for efficient vehicles with confidence and expand opportunities.



Some category of trucks offered by Isuzu:-


Why choose Isuzu Auto Auction?

Connecting customers 'want to sell' and 'want to buy'

  • ISUZU company is a used car specialty company handling mainly "used truck" in "Isuzu Motors" group. Isuzu Yumakkusu "trusted by customers as a total solution company of used truck business with permanent auction site is the only domestic large manufacturer.

  • They exhibit 4,000 cars per week in more than 3 different auction halls.

  • Get your used vehicle from Isuzu Motor Auction in Japan and avoid all middlemen charges in between saving up to 15 percent cost.

  • The vehicles are listed regularly for auction from Isuzu Motor Auction which means you will be buying a fresh car.

Isuzu is a total solution company of used truck business with permanent auction site is the only domestic large manufacturer. Technology upgradation in the auction of second hand cars is the vital contributor towards the growth of the company and their success.




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Courtesy: Isuzu Motor Auction

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