ASNET Auto Auction

ASNET Auto Auction

ASNET Auto Auction, Japan


ASNET is one of the largest platform in listing stocks from Japanese Auction House and dealer wholesale stock. There are over 7,000,000 cars yearly, along with the images of vehicles and inspection sheet. By using ASNET services, one can bid on cars showcased at any auction hall, even if you are not a registered member of that particular auction hall.

There are more than 100,000 cars available weekly for bidding with an integrated internet live-bidding system. It have no physical location for auction it is only done by satellite medium. 


ASNET Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ASNET - Satellite Auction 100,000


About ASNET Auto Auction:

ASNET provides you various reasons for buying your car from them. Whenever customers decide to buy a used car the first two things that come in their mind is the car model and budget. Every customer want the best-used car within the estimated budget and at ASNET they are making it possible by following services:-

  • Lowest price guaranteed, get your used vehicle from ASNET Auctions and save the cost of middlemen.
  • Before any deal of vehicle, their team inspect the vehicle and reports the condition of the vehicle honestly that includes:

  • Checking of past repair jobs to avoid any misconception related to the condition of the vehicle.

  • Physical condition - Dents, scratches etc.

  • Interior condition of the vehicle.

  • Details on any rust or corrosion.

  • Engine condition or any fluid leaks etc.


Vehicles are listed on regular basis at auction through ASNET auction house which means you will be buying a fresh car. If you are buying from stock, you cannot be sure about the time it has spent in the dealer's yard. Satellite medium is an efficient and time-saving way to access auction at the real time. You have a secure software showing critical data and information about the vehicles available in the auction.


ASNET satellite medium is technically advance and safe to purchase used cars from auction using its interface. Being a secure place to purchase, It makes possible to purchase used cars without any risk and free from all worries. You have all options for the car of your choice and budget at your fingertips without travelling anywhere. Be the part of advance technology buy your car from ASNET. 


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Courtesy: ASNET Auto Auction

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