AUCNET Auto Auction

AUCNET Auto Auction

AUCNET Auto Auction, Japan


The company name, Aucnet, is derived from the words "Auction” and "Network". Unlike other auto auctions in Japan, AUCNET does not have any physical location, where auction can take place. It offers the facility of the live bid without actually going to the auction location. They have the largest number of auction locations in comparison to any other auction house. In order to get the vehicle of one’s specific choice, AUCNET is the correct spot to buy them.


About AUCNET Auto Auction:

Aucnet was established in 1985 starting with the world’s first TV auctions which received the highest award from the Nikkei Ryutsu Shinbun, now known as the Nikkei Marketing Journal, in 1985. Company headquarters is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

It has a network of around 7,000 dealers and runs auctions based purely on the vehicle information as it does not have any physical auction sites. Over the time span of 30 years, it has developed various optimal and efficient way of selling used cars in auction.

As there are no actual auction halls involved, cars are exhibited from all over Japan using satellite imagery. Satellite Auction is carried out on weekly basis on Monday.


AUCNET Auto Auction Location:

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
AUCNET Monday Satellite Auction 100,000


Working strategy of AUCNET Auto Auction:-

  • Aucnet is based primarily on the three elements of "the reliability of information," "expertise in operations," and unique systems,".

  • Aucnet activities have been aimed at allowing customers to settle transactions with peace of mind without seeing the actual items.

  • Continue to support new methods of distribution in a variety of fields with new ideas and by adding value to information.

  • They auction cars every day by partnering with offline auction markets all over Japan. Aucnet support customer's businesses by allowing them to look for cars anytime, anywhere with PC.


Why Aucnet Auto Auction ? 

  • Aucnet gives you a most convenient and wonderful experience of purchasing a used car.

  • You can bring your vehicle without even travelling to any auction house.

  • Although not having a physical auction house location, it still has great popularity among the consumers on providing good quality cars

  • Aucnet provide a variety of services that are essential for the used car business, including those for purchasing, sales tools, and advertisements, provide powerful support to used car business operators


  • Providing a wide range of retail support services for used car dealers in a proactive manner.

  • Aucnet is a rising Auction House, in the world of the resale car market.

  • They are making sincere and genuine efforts to secure a deal of buyers in terms of their services, products, and technology.

  • Hence, AUCNET is the correct spot to buy used cars.




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Courtesy: AUCNET Auto Auction

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