ARAI Auto Auction

ARAI Auto Auction

ARAI Auto Auction, Japan 


ARAI with the history of 27 long years is consistently providing top grade vehicles to customers eventually growing their market value.They avail latest stock with correct and transparent information with variety, quality and without any burden to your pockets. ARAI Auto Auction is devoted to the domestic trades of used cars, with its auctions hosted seven times a week to pursue clients conveniences.


About ARAI Auto Auction:

ARAI Auto Auction Group also called AAA was established in the year 1987. It has glorified history of 27 years of their first computer operated venue. Arai Shoji Co., Ltd. is the parent company of ARAI Auto Auction and Mr. Ryozo Arai is present President & CEO of this company. No doubt, AAA is one of the largest Auction house in Japan dealing in passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, van, commercial vehicles, construction equipment and agricultural machinery. In the year 2003, it became the world’s number one used truck auction venue. They hold around 35000 registered dealers. Their consistent and excellent performance is proved every week by the number of traded vehicles i.e. 8,000. ARAI Auction House having 4 auction halls venues located in Japan, where they conduct auctions seven times in a week. Moreover, AAA is the only auction house from Japan who has admitted to join NAAA National Auto Auction Association. NAA headquarters in the US. Day by day AAA are expanding their network in order to develop a relationship with other auction providers.


ARAI Auction Location:

Japanese cars are most used cars in the world, reason is obvious their upgradation in technology in terms of technique, features and look of vehicles. Japanese population is fond of changes, so lots of cars are available for resale.The japanese resale car market is booming day by day,and there are lots of Auction houses helping you to buy used car. But the various option may create confusion in choosing to whom and why? So, the only answer is ARAI Auction House. Ways to access ARAI Auto Auction:

  • ARAI’S 27 long year history which stars its brand value make you visit to go through AAA details which is definitely impressive and force you to go for AAA.
  • ARAI is the only auction house amongst all in Japan which is associated with NAA.
  • This Auction house provides top grade used cars at cheap cost with no added charges.

  • ARAI expert team visits the physical location for inspecting the vehicle thoroughly, ensuring the condition of the car, engine, transmission, lamps, indicators, suspensions, bushes, power windows, central locking, drive shafts, steering rack, wipers, and horn.

  • Their customer has driven attitude, transparency in policy and documentation, variety and most important avail cars even for the buyer with a small budget.

  • ARAI enable their members to join auctions of two million vehicles from Monday to Saturday per year by the "membership communication" with business partner venues and the “mutual entry of the Internet services” with them.

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
ARAI Sendai Tuesday Yamato cho, Kurokawa gun Miyagi prefecture 981 - 3624 Miyakochika 600
ARAI Oyama Thursday 548 Atsumiya Oyama, Tochigi prefecture 329-0201 800
ARAI Bayside Friday Higashima Island, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki- gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 90 2800
ARAI Fukuoka Tuesday 132-16, Aoyagi, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture 500


Features which distinguish ARAI from other Auction houses:

Arai Auto Auction work for every class of the country, they not only deal in cars but also various vehicles like motorcycles, trucks, van, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery. They provide a fair chance to every buyer by hosting auction 7 times in a week.

  • Two times of motorcycles Tuesday Fukuoka, Bayside
  • Three times of regular passenger cars Tuesday: Sendai; Thursday: Oyama Friday: Bayside
  • One time of commercial vehicles (Vans & Trucks) Saturday: Oyama
  • One time of construction equipment Tuesday: Oyama
ARAI is one of the leading companies in Japan’s auto auction industry. However,  their further plans to create the world’s most expensive used car portal site in order to reach every corner of the world. ARAI providing Internet Auction Service "AI-NET" which signifies they step equivalent with technology, making their clients accessing the website from anywhere.


ARAI Auction Sheet:

ARAI with no existence of word disappointment in their dictionary makes your deal worthy. They are the one who score maximum in terms of their service, quality, stock and matching their standard with update market. Top grade cars is the USP of ARAI Auction House Japan. Making available used vehicles like motorcycles, vans, trucks commercial equipments and agricultural machinery other than cars showing they value very common men of the country too. Along with their business, they are contributing to the nation by selling used commercial vehicles, equipment those can be used for creating employment.



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Courtesy: ARAI Auto Auction

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