Chubu Auto Auction

Chubu Auto Auction

Chubu Auto Auction, Japan 


Chubu Auto Auctions working philosophy is prosperity of members along with development of the used car industry through consistent, fair and precise auto auction management. Chubu Auto Auction is strict and one of the most popular auction house that only deals in Japan Used Cars. Their Strictness implies customers trust for providing durable, reliable and top quality vehicles. Despite the popularity and a good customer base, CAA has only four venues in Japan where dealers from the domestic market of Japan and also from the international market participate in the online auctions on a regular basis.


About Chubu Auto Auction:

CAA was established on 1 August 1987 having its headquarters in Toyota city, Aichi Japan.The present President and Representative Director is Mr. Toshiyuki Nagatani.

Chubu Auto Auction has 33,600 companies registered and have established their central venue in 1988, justifying their words by "sticking to good quality vehicles" and "maximizing the business opportunities of everyone".

CAA has set "fairness and speed of business" goals and has expanded to 4 venues in Central, Tokyo, Gifu, Tohoku, where the annual number of exhibits exceeded 450,000 units.




Chubu Auction Location: 

Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
CAA Gifu Tuesday Gifu Prefecture Hashima-shi Kogumacho West Minaru 3028 2 1500
CAA Tohoku Tuesday Iwate Prefecture Shiwa gun Shiwa cho Northern Japan Branch Letter 800
CAA Tokyo Tuesday Chiba prefecture Kashiwa city Tsukazaki 1395 2600
CAA Chubu Wednesday Aichi Prefecture Toyota-shi Ryujin-cho Tomei 32 4,700


Why to choose Chubu Auto House?

  • Chubu Auction House is fully dedicated to the resale of used cars. Their priority are cars only which means there is a flood of used cars of each brand, model, and range.

  • CAA is known for following their strict guidelines and top class management.

  • There is no chance of fraud, scam, and regret dealing with Chubu Auto Auction House.

  • The vehicles are listed regularly for auction from CAA which means you will be buying a fresh car.

  • You cannot be sure about the time it has spent on the dealer's yard.

  • CAA provides one of the best auction grading system along with easy to read auction sheet. One can easily find all the details of vehicle, condition, history and market value of the car before the auction commences.


Chubu Auto Auction Achievements:

  • Chubu auto auction house has grown into one of the largest scale and top contracts in the whole nation.

  • Chubu has tied up with Toyota Yusec in order to integrate network service in the year 2005, with the service name as Sigma TC-web and launched online auction interface which exhibits vehicles at affiliated venues, in order to participate and collect information of vehicles available in auctions.

  • With the establishment of more than 80 nationwide auction venues to increase members' further business opportunities and improve services.

  • CAA moving and working ahead achieving the milestones with the philosophy of - Fair and strict auto auction management to maximize business opportunities for all members.




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Courtesy: Chubu Auto Auction

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