Komatsu HD1500-8 Mining Dump Truck

Komatsu HD1500-8 Mining Dump Truck

Launching Sales of the HD1500-8 Mining Dump Truck


Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) starts sales of the HD1500-8 mechanical mining dump truck in April after having fully remodeled its predecessor deployed mainly in overseas mines. The new full-model change version is powered by a 50-liter engine, compared to a 45-liter one in the preceding model, offering powerful running, supported by ample net power of 1,175kW (1,576HP). It is also equipped with a retarder with the largest volume in its class. When used together with the automatic retarder, the truck achieves safe and high-speed downhill traveling. As a result of shortening the cycle time, it offers high productivity. It is also equipped with Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) designed to optimize performance when traveling on slippery and/or soft surfaces.

Key components, such as the mainframe, transmission and rear axle, have all been re-designed according to the latest technology and durability standards. As a result, they enable owners to cut down repair expenses and prolong overhaul intervals, reducing their total cost of ownership. The HD1500-8 not only comes with KomVision (All Round Monitoring System) as a standard feature but also offers substantially enhanced real-time monitoring functions with the latest-version KOMTRAX Plus. By facilitating the "visualization" of the machine and operating conditions, the new model is designed to improve the safety, productivity and capacity utilization of customers’ jobsite operations.


Mining Dump Truck Design:

The model is equipped with a low angle diagonal stairway to/from the cab, which is safer and less burdensome physically for the operator. It also comes with the ergonomically designed round dashboard and air-suspension seat with built-in heater and ventilator, creating the best possible environment for the operator. The model also features the on-demand control of reducing horsepower loss in the hydraulic system and the ECO guidance which advises energy-saving procedures for the operator, improving fuel economy. The HD1500-8 mining dump truck, which incorporates cutting-edge technologies, achieves high productivity, reliability, and safety. With this model, Komatsu strives to help customers optimize their mining operation.



Main features:


1. Productivity, Environmental Performance, and ICT

  • Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS)

KTCS calculates the wheel slip ratio by continuously monitoring the rear wheels rotating speeds and the vehicle speed. When the rear wheels slip in the rain or on slippery surfaces, KTCS automatically applies the brake to control the wheel slip ratio and maintain optimum conditions of the tire traction. Compared to the conventional Automatic Spin Regulator (ASR), KTCS provides better traction and reduces tire wear by working to prevent sideslips (prevention of tail swings).

  • On-demand control

With a variable piston pump applied to the steering and hoist circuits and other technological benefits, the HD1500-8 mining dump truck is optimally controlled according to different operating conditions, minimizing the amount of horsepower needed and thus reducing the loss of horsepower. As a result, the new model reduces fuel consumption without sacrificing productivity.

  • KOMTRAX Plus

The new model offers substantially improved functions, including real-time monitoring and wireless downloading. KOMTRAX Plus facilitates the "visualization" of the machine and operating conditions, contributing to the safety and productivity of customers' job site operations. The new model is also equipped with the new function of road surface analysis, which is very useful for determining the timing of road maintenance and improving vehicle utilization rates.


2. Operator Safety and Comfort

  • Handrails-attached stairway

The low angle diagonal stairway allows for the safe and comfortable ascent to and descent from the cab. Safety fences are installed to prevent falls in the areas where people walk around.

  • KomVision (All Round Monitoring System)

Six cameras provide all-round views on the monitor. Radar units detect all obstacles around the vehicle and warn the operator by sounding alarms and marking the obstacles on the display.

  • Air-suspension seat

Operator safety and comfort are provided via the air-suspension seat with built-in heater and ventilator as well as a 3-point seat belt.

  • Machine monitor with 7-inch high-resolution color LCD unit

The machine monitor displays not only machine conditions but also operating hours, maintenance records, guidance for energy-saving operation and other information, all in an operator-friendly way. On the switch panel, the operator can also set and operate different functions, such as regulating the temperature in the cab and changing the display information on the LCD unit.



Main Specifications:








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